13 Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

Discover some stylish yet practical clothes rack for plants ideas for a functional solution to your ever-growing collection!

Got a spare garment rack? Why not use it to display your green buddies? We have listed some of the most practical ways below!

Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

1. Hang Potted Plants in Colorful Macrames

Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

Hanging plants in snazzy macrame hangers is a cool, eye-catching way to create a classy display without breaking the bank! You can also paint up the pots to create an eye-catching contrast.

2. Transform it into a Plant Stand

Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

Revamp your space in a chic and functional way by transforming a clothes rack into a stylish plant stand. It’s not only trendy but also a sturdy home for those hefty planters, ensuring they’re well-supported and showcased beautifully.

3. Display it as a Tiered Plant Stand

Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

Why settle for one level when a tiered plant stand can create a dynamic, multi-level display that’s practical for adding a variety of plants!

4. Go with Varied Foliar Specimens to Complement the Wooden Accents

Plants Ideas

Got a wooden garment stand? Use it to your advantage by combining lush foliar specimens against wooden accents, bringing a touch of nature right into your living space!

5. Keep it Simple for Easy Mobility 

Movable Outdoor Plant Rack

Love to rearrange? A simple, mobile plant stand is the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for your indoor garden.

6. Repurposed a Closet Storage Rack into a Mini Greenhouse

Repurposed Rack

Old wardrobe, new life! Transforming a closet into an indoor greenhouse is as easy as it sounds! This is especially perfect for those areas that have extreme cold conditions.

7. Use Macramé Hangers for a Bohemian Touch

Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

Nothing says laid-back and trendy like plants dangling in bohemian macramé hangers, adding a relaxed vibe to any room. Here are the best plants to choose from!

8. Install a Raised Bed for Climbing Veggies

Rack for Plants

Give climbing veggies their own space with a dedicated raised bed at the base—it’s a smart and space-saving way to let them grow.

9. Mix N’ Match Various Plant Varieties

Rack for Plants

Flaunt your plant collection by hanging the lighter ones vertically and placing the sturdy pots on the compartments to accommodate all of them in one place!

10. Level Up the Aesthetics with Books and Props

Cloths Rack for Plant

Complement your green buddy with some books and other props like mini succulents to create a chic, curated look that’s both cool and sophisticated.

11. Place it in a Sunroom for the Sun-Lovers

Cloths Rack for Plant

If you own plenty of sun-loving plants, drape them around a garment rack and place them in a sunroom to help them soak in the needed warmth.

12. Let those Lush Vines Do the Work!

Planter Ideas

Hang a trailing plant from the stand and train the vines across the rack for an effortless green display right in your living room!

13. Hang a Few on a Coat Rack

Clothes Rack for Plants Ideas

Swap out coats for plants on a rack for an instant green upgrade. It’s a clever and chic way to bring more life to your space.

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