13 Most Colorful Calathea Varieties

A colorful calathea can instantly uplift the vibe of your home and fill up any bland spot with its elegant look!

With intricate texture and a diverse color range, calatheas are a must-have for home decor lovers. And these colorful ones are some of the best to choose from!

Most Colorful Calathea Varieties

1. Rose-Painted Calathea

Most Colorful Calathea Varieties

This calathea is for those who love a touch of pink almost everywhere, featuring deep green foliage with a radiant pink center and delicate white to pinkish veins. As night falls, this plant surprises with purple undersides, that becomes particularly prominent as the leaves fold upward in the evening.

2. Peacock Plant

Most Colorful Calathea Varieties

Nicknamed the Peacock Plant, Calathea Makoyana lives up to its moniker with a plumage-like display. The large, oval leaves are patterned with dark green spots set against a lighter green backdrop.

With undersides tinted a beautiful shade of purple, this Brazilian native grows about 2 feet tall and requires a dose of indirect light to retain its shine.

3. Royal Standard

Most Colorful Calathea Varieties

This calathea boasts broad, velvety leaves painted in a cream hue, bordered by dark green and with a signature wavy texture. This South American beauty is actually a cultivated hybrid, and hence is a rare specimen to get your hands on.

4. Angela

Colorful Calathea Varieties

Calathea Angela presents a more subdued palette with its intricately patterned green and white leaves, subtly highlighted by purple undertones. This South American variety has a rather calming presence that fits beautifully in a minimalistic decor styles.

5. Lancifolia

Colorful Calathea Varieties

The Rattlesnake Plant is uniquely charismatic, with long, narrow leaves that sport a bold pattern of light and dark green spots, echoing the appearance of its namesake. This Brazilian native can stretch up to 2 feet tall and can be an eye-catching addition to tropical collection.

6. Medallion

Colorful Calathea Varieties

The Medallion boasts round, lush leaves boasting dark green and cream patterns that look almost hand-painted, and the undersides reveal a rich, burgundy hue. Plus, its wavy texture beautifully reflects the light, showing off a fine, glossy look.

7. Ornata

Colorful Calathea Varieties

This plant is no less than a style icon with its dark green leaves streaked with thin, pink-to-white lines that resemble pinstripes. Plus, its maroon undersides make it that chic beauty you’d love to grace your home with!

8. Zebrina

Colorful Calathea

With its velvety leaves patterned in bold, zebra-like stripes of dark and light green, this calathea is a real head-turner. Just like its cousins, the purple undersides only add to this Brazilian native’s beauty.

9. Fusion White

Calathea Varieties

Its marbled leaves, showcasing a mix of white, green, and sometimes lilac, create a stunning effect. Plus, each leaf has this wavy texture, making this 1.5-foot-tall plant an exceptional choice for those who love white houseplants.

10. Warscewiczii

Colorful Calathea

Often called “Jungle Velvet,” the Calathea Warscewiczii stands out with its large, velvety leaves that are rich dark green on top and dramatic maroon underneath. The softness of the leaves is complemented by the occasional appearance of delicate white or light pink flowers, which add to its beauty.

11. Yellow Fusion

Yellow Fusion Calathea Varieties

The Yellow Fusion houseplant features slender, tapering leaves with a lively mix of yellow and green marbling. This plant is a true mood lifter with its unique color combination.

12. Musaica ‘Network’

Musaica ‘Network’

Popular as the Network Prayer Plant, this calathea variety is intriguing with its detailed, circuit board-like pattern of dark green lines crisscrossing over light green leaves. It brings a sophisticated vibe with those leaves that curl up as if tucking themselves in for the night.

13. Argentea

Colorful Calathea Varieties

This graceful plant sports silver-green leaves edged in dark green, giving them a shimmering, almost metallic look. Its oval-shaped leaves, coupled with a combination of subtle colors, add a refined touch to any room.

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