20 DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Greenify those bland corners of your home with these DIY plant wall ideas, which are not only pretty to see but also save floor space!

If you’re all about blending bold elegance with understated chic, these DIY plant wall ideas strike the perfect balance. With their neutral palettes accented by vibrant greenery and crisp geometric lines, they’re a hit among millennials who favor contemporary decor!

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

1. Mount Planters in a Row on a Wooden Board

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

Kick off your DIY journey with a stylish yet simple project. Grab a wooden board, a handful of planters, and your favorite plants. Arrange everything in a neat row on the board to create a striking plant wall that brings life to any space.

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

Transform an old chain link into a trendy corner accent with felt pocket planters. It’s an effortless way to spice up a bare wall in your study or living room. Plus, it’s super simple to put together—just the kind of project to showcase your green thumb!

3. A Wall of Vines

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Go au naturel with your decor and let your vining plants flow freely through your walls! All you need to do is provide some support to your vines with either supporting structures or with nails on the wall that your vine can grow against.

4. Asymmetric Shelf Arrangement

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Revitalize a dull wall by arranging shelves in an asymmetric pattern and populating them with planters in various sizes and shapes. Stick to a cohesive color scheme for a modern look that complements your living space.

5. A Wall of Climbers

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Turn a plain wall into a dynamic green space with climbers. Whether it’s Pothos or Philodendron, climbers can create a lush backdrop that feels both wild and structured.

6. Eco-Chic Planters

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

Decorate your bedroom wall with rows of sustainable planters on wooden planks to create a boho-chic aesthetic. This would still align with the contemporary aesthetic you’re going for, thanks to the neutrals and straight lines of the planks.

7. Wooden Pinterest Board of Plants but IRL

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

Bring your Pinterest board of plant wall decor to life with this awesome idea! Get a large wooden board and nail some wooden planks on it however you please. Then, let your creativity truly flow freely while you attach your planters to the wallboard in any way you please!

8. Honeycomb Plant Nook

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

While this might seem like a daunting DIY project at first, we promise it’ll be worth it. While you can choose to outsource the wooden ‘honeycombs’ or create them by yourself with pieces of wood, what truly matters is how you display them on your wall with your collection of plants.

9. Go Contemporary with the Geometric Planters

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

Get a little sophisticated with this black and gold masterpiece of DIY plant decor! Considering the contemporary aesthetic, the frames you use around the rows of planters should be geometric in shape, showcasing sleek lines while showing off your plants in all their glory, as shown here!

10. Vertical Garden on the Mantelpiece

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

If you want the perfect decor to adorn your mantelpiece, look no further than a board and some little plants to create a vertical garden like this! This DIY plant wall decor will surely be a conversation starter at every party you host!

11. Dedicate a Corner to Pots of Different Shapes and Sizes

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

Keep it simple yet contemporary! How? Just get a few collections of planters of different sizes, each of a particular neutral color scheme, showcasing sleek lines and geometric prints, and let your houseplants live the beautiful life they deserve in beautiful planters.

12. Your Study Deserves Colors Too!

DIY Plant Wall

Why not turn one of your study walls into a vibrant vertical garden? Opt for big, colorful plants—especially those with variegated leaves—to create a lively space. Start with a large frame (painted to match your decor), add the appropriate substrate, and arrange your plants.

13. A Plank Goes a ‘Long’ Way

DIY Plant Wall

Got a beautiful vine that you would love to show off? Give it support on a long plank and call it a day! So effortless, yet so chic and sophisticated that your plant room would be quite unrecognizable as the plant grows!

14. Hanging Geometric Teardrop Planters

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

These sleek, modern fixtures add a touch of elegance and are perfect for showcasing small vining plants. They’re ideal for creating a floating garden effect in any corner of your home. Get the instructions here.

15. Sleek and Minimalistic DIY Plant Wall Decor

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Breathe some life into an empty wall by creating this DIY plant wall using wooden dowels! While this may sound challenging, it would be a great way to spend the weekend.

16. Levitating Plant Wall

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Why keep your vining plants compact when you can let them grow out and occupy a whole section of a wall? All you need is a base to hold your plant to the wall and let your vines grow, looking like they are levitating off the ground!

17. Deck Your Patio With A Wooden Wall Planter

DIY Plant Wall Ideas for a Contemporary Decor

Wood never goes out of style! That calls for two different types of wooden structures for this project. A white-colored wooden board to go on the wall alongside beige holders where you can house not only your little pots of plants but also books, photo frames, or other little trinkets. Here‘s the DIY.

18. Felt Pockets For Low-Maintenance Beauties


For those who adore plants but prefer low-maintenance solutions, felt pockets are perfect. Simply create pockets from felt, attach them to the wall, and they’re ready to house your succulents or herbs.

19. An Indoor Jungle On The Wall

Similar to the levitating wall planter, this is yet another DIY plant wall idea. You could change up the frame or base of your planter into something sleeker, like metal, to add some interest to the plant holder.

20. Modern Wire Basket Wall Planters

If you are okay with spending a little money, you could invest in these wire baskets that you can nail onto any wall and ones that would make excellent planters for your houseplant collection while being excellent decor, too!

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