Do This to Make Jade Plant Bushy Like Never Before

Have you ever looked at your jade plant and wished it was just a bit bushier? If you’re nodding your head, then you’re in for a treat!

Do This to Make Jade Plant Bushy Like Never Before

The secret to a lush, bushy jade plant lies in the art of pruning. Now, before you panic at the thought of cutting your beloved plant, let us assure you that this effective trick will, in fact, help your Jade plant thrive and spread like never before!

How Does Pruning Work?

When you prune a jade plant, you tap into its innate survival strategy.

Here’s what happens—When you cut the stem of a jade plant just above the leaf nodes, you’re sending a signal to the plant. It’s like flipping a switch that wakes up the dormant buds hiding just beneath where you made your cut. These sleepy buds spring into action, spurred by the sudden need to grow.

As these buds grow, they branch out, creating new stems. This branching is what turns your jade plant from sparse to splendid, encouraging it to spread out and become lush and bushy. It’s a natural response that not only makes the plant bushy but also contributes to its health by allowing more leaves to engage in photosynthesis.

Do This to Make Jade Plant Bushy Like Never Before

where to trim jade plant

Now that you know the trick, here are the exact steps to go about it. Also, it’s a good idea to prune your plant in the warmer months for better results, as it might not appreciate such disturbance on the chilly days when the plant is not much in action.

  1. Always use a clean, sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears for a clean cut that heals quickly and reduces the risk of infection.
  2. Look closely at the stems of your jade plant, and you’ll notice small bumps or rings—these are the leaf nodes. They might already have tiny leaves starting to form. You can refer to the image for reference.
  3. Position your scissors just above a leaf node, about a quarter-inch to be precise. Snip the stem cleanly. Don’t be afraid; a healthy jade plant can handle it!
  4. To get that bushy, fuller look, focus on trimming the tips of the upright stems and the branches on the outer edges. This helps the plant to grow outwards instead of just upwards, giving it a more spread-out look.
  5. Continue this process on other branches where you want to encourage more growth. Remember, balance is key—don’t go overboard!

After pruning, ensure your jade plant gets plenty of indirect sunlight and the usual amount of water. In fact, try to keep the medium on the drier side, as the plant is more susceptible to root rot or shock at this stage when it is trying to heal and regrow.

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