11 Easiest Hoya Varieties Anyone Can Grow

While Hoyas have a reputation for easy growth, these varieties need minimum effort to propagate and thrive!

Whether you want to multiply your collection of Hoyas or simply bring one home, these are the easiest ones to pick. No matter which variety you choose to propagate, ensure you get cuttings from a healthy, disease-free plant and tuck them in a pot of well-draining medium to watch them thrive!

Easiest Hoya Varieties You Can Grow

1. Carnosa

Easiest Hoya Varieties Anyone Can Grow

One of the most beginner-friendly plants, Hoya carnosa, features lance-shaped foliage in a cream-yellow color edged in green. With thick succulent leaves that can hold water for long periods of time, this fast-growing specimen quite accompanies people with busy schedules by growing well, even if you forget to water it once in a while!

2. Compacta

Easiest Hoya Varieties Anyone Can Grow

Well-known for its overly curly foliage and slower growth habit, the ‘Compacta’ variety makes a statement plant for any beginner’s collection. Just place it near an east—or west-facing window where it receives bright but indirect, gentle sunlight and this plant won’t make a peep!

3. Curtisii

Hoya curtisii

Typically forming a nice, dense mat of leaves, this is a miniature, trailing, easy-care variety of Hoya that does not take up much space. So, if you reside in an apartment with limited space, you can make more use of the vertical space and let its spade-shaped leaves splotched with grey spill over the edges of hanging containers or create a living wall decor—no extra charges applied!

4. Kerrii

Hoya kerrii

This beauty got its name Sweetheart Hoya for its unique heart-shaped leaves, but it can be a sweetheart to you, too, if you are a novice! Place it in a spot with bright, indirect light, and you will grow a very happy plant. However, it can get fussy only if you overwater it, so it’s better to let the medium dry out a bit between waterings.

5. Multiflora

Easiest Hoya Varieties Anyone Can Grow

The best part about this Hoya variety is that it is not at all fussy about its light requirements, which means whether you place it on the coffee table, right at the center of the room, or hang it in an abandoned corner, it’ll do just fine.

Besides that, this plant is moderately drought-tolerant, so you wouldn’t need to worry too much, even if it dries out a little.

6. Obovata

Hoya obovata


Easily one of the easiest Hoya varieties to take care of, the oval-shaped succulent leaves speckled with white or pink play a big role in its low maintenance. These leaves can hold a lot of water, thus helping the plant withstand long periods of dryness easily.

Just give this plant some vertical support and watch it shoot up rapidly with little to no fuss!

7. Shepherdii

Easiest Hoya Varieties Anyone Can Grow

Like all other Hoyas, this plant thrives best in bright, indirect sunlight, but it can also survive well in partial shade. Ensure that you provide this plant with a rich, well-draining soil mix, and it won’t mind drying out a bit between waterings.

If you want those lance-shaped green leaves to thrive, use a balanced liquid feed every 4-6 weeks in the warmer months after diluting to 1/4th its strength.

8. Wayetii

Easiest Hoya Varieties Anyone Can Grow

Having less space in your house can be a blessing in disguise if you get the Hoya wayetii! This humidity-loving variety needs little to no space to spread and is just happy to use all that vertical space on a tiny bathroom shelf with its trailing growth habit.

9. Australis


Hoya Varieties

Once you’ve potted this Hoya in loose, well-draining soil and found a spot away from direct sun, you’ll have lush ovate leaves taking over the space in no time. However, its beautiful tricolor variegation is vulnerable to harsh sunlight.

10. Rebecca

Hoya Varieties

(Hoya lacunosa ‘Langwai Island’ x Hoya obscura)

Another variegated cultivar, this plant features elongated leaves with tapered tips, brushed in bronze and yellow shades all across the foliage. It does pretty well in dappled morning sunlight and some bright light for the rest of the day.

11. Krohniana

Hoya Varieties

Formerly known as the “heart-leafed lacunosa,” the Hoya krohniana features thick, oval foliage in a deep green hue spotted densely around the edges in grey. After an initial growth spurt during the summer, this plant grows slower, using all its energy to bloom prolifically.

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