6 Best Hawaiian Blue Flowers

These Hawaiian blue flowers will sprinkle your landscapes with the most vibrant colors in their blooming season!

When you think of Hawaii, you might picture stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, but the island’s exotic flora and fauna are equally breathtaking! Thanks to its moderate climate, many of Hawaii’s native plants can thrive in gardens around the world. So, if you’re searching for unique additions to your yard, we’ve got some fantastic options for you!

Best Hawaiian Blue Flowers

1. Uki Uki

Best Hawaiian Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Dianella sandwicensis

With its slender blue-green leaves and bright indigo-blue berries, this plant is a real eye-catcher. You can find it flowering in the spring, adding its unique grace to Hawaii’s upland forests. It’s particularly common in the cooler, misty regions of Maui, where it blends beautifully with the local landscape.

2. Kanawao

Best Hawaiian Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Broussaisia arguta

The Kanawao does best in the shade of Hawaii’s lush forest understories, especially along the damp, mossy areas of the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast. It sports soft, fuzzy leaves and lovely sky-blue flowers that bloom from late spring to early summer.

3. Hibiscus

Hawaiian Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Hibiscus arnottianus

The Hawaiian Blue Hibiscus produces trumpet-shaped indigo flowers that beautifully stand out against the greenery. It flourishes in the mountainous regions of Oahu from summer to fall and is a symbol of Hawaiian hospitality among locals and visitors alike.

4. Morning GloryBest Hawaiian Blue Flowers on window

Botanical Name: Ipomoea indica

Bright and cheerful, the Blue Morning Glory is commonly seen adorning gardens throughout Kauai, especially near homes where it climbs over fences and along pathways. Its brilliant flowers bloom through the warm months, starting in late spring and often lasting into the fall.

5. Blue Jade Vine

Hawaiian Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Strongylodon macrobotrys

The Blue Jade Vine is a spectacular sight, known for its otherworldly turquoise-blue flowers that dangle in clusters of even three feet long. Native to the tropical forests of the Philippines but also thriving in the warmer parts of Hawaii, this vine blooms profusely in the spring.

6. Maui Blue Porterweed

Hawaiian Blue

Botanical Name: Stachytarpheta mutabilis

A common sight in the sunny, well-drained areas of Maui, this plant produces deep blue flower spikes almost year-round, with peaks in the spring and summer months. Its sprawling habit and continuous blooming make it an excellent choice for borders or as a colorful ground cover, adding movement and life to garden settings.

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