16 Houseplants with Shiny Leaves all the Time

These houseplants with shiny leaves all the time are undeniably the most stylish plants you will ever own!

While these plants with shiny leaves have a pretty gloss almost all the time, it is important that you take care of their basic needs, like providing an indirectly lit spot and enough humidity. Also, be sure to give them a weekly wipe and clear the debris, which is pretty common in any urban home.

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves all the Time

1. Bird of Paradise

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

The Bird of Paradise flaunts large, majestic leaves that could easily double as a green backdrop in any influencer’s photo shoot, and its bird-like flowers would satiate your thirst for a tropical makeover. To keep those fabulous leaves gleaming, give them a quick swipe with a damp cloth now and then. Bright, indirect light will keep them strutting their stuff just right.

2. Geo Plant

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Geogenanthus ciliatus

Dark and mysterious, the Geo Plant rocks those shiny black leaves like it’s about to hit the runway. Its leaves have a unique, almost iridescent sheen that screams Plant Goals! Keep the air humid, especially on dry days, and watch this beauty thrive in lower-light conditions.

3. Burle Marx

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Philodendron burle marx

Named after the famous landscape architect, the Burle Marx Philodendron sports elongated, heart-shaped leaves that reflect light like glass. Its leaves can range from deep green to variegated with lighter streaks, and appreciates mild sun exposure to retain its lushness.

 4. Jade Plant

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Crassula ovata

The Jade Plant is a succulent with thick, woody stems and fleshy, oval-shaped leaves that have a glossy sheen, much like jade stones. Its leaves might even develop a red tinge when exposed to bright sunlight, which is, anyway, not a wise choice if you want those leaves shiny year-round.

5. Swiss Cheese Plant

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Monstera deliciosa

While most Monsteras are all about those gorgeous fenestrations and large leaves, the deliciosa brings the added benefit of a glossy sheen to the table. Apart from meeting the plant’s basic needs, like indirect sunlight and plenty of humidity, you can also follow a foliage cleaning schedule to achieve that mirror finish on its leaves.

6. Peace Lily

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum

With its glossy, dark green leaves and white spathes, the peace lily not only boosts a place’s aesthetics but also has air-purifying qualities. However, it is a bit finicky about its care requirements and loves a bit of pampering—moist medium and ample humidity.

7. Gardenia

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia is more than its pretty flowers. Its glossy, deep green leaves are the perfect backdrop for its white flowers that can perfume your entire room. To keep those leaves lustrous, wipe them gently with a damp cloth and give them bright, indirect light.

8. ZZ Plant

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The ZZ Plant could win an award for “Most Likely to Succeed” in any home! Its waxy, smooth leaves always look freshly polished, no matter what. Low light, occasional water, and some occasional cleaning is all it needs!

9. Anthurium

Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Anthurium andraeanum

The Anthurium is a stunner with its glossy, heart-shaped leaves and colorful spathes in red, white, and pink. While the leaves have this innate quality of having this shiny surface, try maintaining a high humid atmosphere to keep it healthy and glossy.

10. Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior Houseplant with Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Aspidistra elatior

As resilient as its name suggests, the Cast-iron Plant features dark green, glossy leaves that do well even in the dimmer corners of your home. Keep its leaves shiny by dusting them occasionally and watering sparingly—this plant prefers dry soil between waterings.

11. Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema Shiny Leaves all the Time

Botanical name: Aglaonema

Chinese Evergreens are loved for their durable, shiny leaves that flourish under minimal care. Plus, the irregular red and yellow splashes against their green backdrop reflect light beautifully.

12. Rubber Plant

Ficus elastica Houseplants with Shiny Leaves

Botanical name: Ficus elastica

Known for its robust and shiny leaves, the Rubber Plant adds a bold statement to interiors. The large, leathery leaves thrive under regular dusting and when exposed to bright, indirect sunlight. Keep the soil consistently moist and apply leaf shine products occasionally for extra gloss.

13. Baby Rubber Plant

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves

Botanical name: Peperomia obtusifoliav

This compact houseplant features thick, shiny leaves that are somewhat round in shape. It does best in medium to bright indirect light and requires less water than most tropical plants, making it a fuss-free addition to your home.

14. Dumb Cane

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves

Botanical name: Dieffenbachia spp.

Dumb Cane is known for its wide, attractive leaves with a glossy finish. It prefers low to medium light and requires moist soil for the best growth. Regularly cleaning its leaves prevents dust accumulation and keeps them glossy, enhancing the patterns on the foliage.

15. Chinese Money Plant

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves

Botanical name: Pilea peperomioides

This plant sports round, flat leaves that seem to shimmer with a natural gloss. This plant enjoys a spot with bright, indirect light and moderate watering, which helps maintain its glossiness.

16. Aluminium Plant

Houseplants with Shiny Leaves

Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

With its unique metallic-silver variegation on dark green leaves, the Aluminium Plant lives up to its name. To maintain its gloss, you need only mist it occasionally.

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