11 Houseplants with Wavy Leaves

Explore the world of houseplants with a twist – wavy leaves! These Houseplants with Wavy Leaves boast the most beautiful foliage!

From bold, sculptural forms to delicate, cascading tendrils, you will find a variety to suit every style and space. Read on and explore a wave of natural beauty with these Houseplants with Wavy Leaves.

What Do You Mean By Wavy Leaves?

Wavy leaves are pretty fascinating when you take a closer look. They’re not the typical straight-edged leaves; instead, they have undulating edges that create a ripple-like effect, mimicking the ebb and flow of ocean waves. The waviness can be subtle or pronounced, depending on the plant.

These waves in the leaves are more than just aesthetic. They make the leaf bigger, which is super handy for soaking up sunlight and catching raindrops just right. Plants with these kinds of leaves are real showstoppers in any garden or indoor plant collection.

Houseplants with Wavy Leaves

1. Round Leaf Prayer Plant

Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Calathea orbifolia

The round leaf Prayer Plant stands out with its large, glossy, and distinctly round leaves edged with soft waves. Thriving in Bolivia’s warm, humid climates, it’s ideal for those shadier spots in your home that don’t welcome many plants.

2. Herringbone Plant

Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura

This Maranta variety stands out particularly for its wavy, elongated leaves that feature a unique pattern of dark green and deep red veins, creating a herringbone design. This plant’s foliage curls slightly at the edges, adding another textural dimension.

3. Painted-Leaf Begonia

Plants with Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Begonia rex

The Painted-Leaf Begonia features a dramatic display of color with leaves that mix shades of purple, red, green, and silver. Each leaf features intricate patterns and a wavy, ruffled edge, with a metallic sheen that catches light beautifully. Do remember that these are sensitive to overwatering, so it’s wise to allow the soil to dry out partially between waterings to prevent root rot.

4. Creeping Velvet Philodendron

Philodendron gloriosum Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Philodendron gloriosum

This Philodendron’s standout feature is its large, heart-shaped leaves, which have a velvety texture and are deep green with bright white or pink veins running through them. With a slightly puckered appearance, this plant is seen as a symbol of good luck and wealth.

5. Amazon Elephant’s Ear

Wavy Alocasia amazonica

Botanical Name: Alocasia amazonica

The plant sports large, stiff leaves that are dark green with prominent, wavy, white veins. The leaves’ glossiness and sharp, angular edges give this plant a really unique look. However, do remember that this plant needs ample space to grow and appreciates a few hours of dappled sunlight daily.

6. Rattlesnake Plant

Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Calathea lancifolia

This Calathea variety features long, narrow leaves that have a wavy margin and are decorated with a pattern of dark green splotches and purple undersides. The leaves’ texture and coloration mimic the appearance of a rattlesnake’s skin This plant is sensitive to both overwatering and underwatering, so it’s essential to maintain balanced moisture levels.

7. Hurricane Fern

Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Athyrium ‘Hurricane’

This Fern variety is known for its dynamic, deeply cut leaves that create a whirlwind-like pattern, like a hurricane’s swirling motion. Its foliage is lush green with a delicate texture, perfect for those who don’t prefer popular houseplants in their collection but won’t spend a fortune looking for exquisitely rare plants.

8. Ripple Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia caperata

Ripple Peperomia features deeply corrugated leaves with a heart-shaped base and rich green color. The textured ripples on each leaf catch light beautifully, making for a perfect windowsill addition. Compact and easy to care for, this Peperomia is perfect for small spaces and does well even in office desks and shaded rooms.

9. Furry Feather Calathea

Houseplants with Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Calathea rufibarba

This plant features long, wavy green leaves with a velvety texture, thanks to fine hairs covering them. Its leaves’ undersides are a striking burgundy, providing a stunning contrast. Ideal for adding texture and color, it thrives in indirect light and high humidity, mirroring its native tropical environment.

10. Echeveria ‘Curly Locks’

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Curly Locks’

This succulent stands out with its fleshy, silver-blue leaves that elegantly curl into a rosette. When exposed to enough light, the leaf tips may blush pink, making it ideal for sunny windows. Plus, you can grow them in rock gardens or any dish garden arrangement for their low-watering needs.

11. Ruffled Jade Plant

Houseplants with Wavy Leaves

Botanical Name: Crassula arborescens subsp. undulatifolia

The Ruffled Jade Plant is a unique take on the classic Jade. It features thick, wavy, blue-green leaves with gently ruffled edges. Best grown in full sun, the leaves’ edges may highlight a subtle red tinge, enhancing their beauty.

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