8 Indoor Plant Grouping Ideas

Feeling swamped by your ever-growing houseplant collection? Simplify your green routine with these savvy indoor plant grouping strategies!

Heavy Feeders

Are you a bustling bee with barely a minute to spare or maybe a bit on the laid-back side when it comes to plant care? Either way, there’s this magical solution to your green woes—categorizing your indoor plants by their personalities! Just like people, plants have their quirks and preferences, and all of that often gets overwhelming, especially if you have a large collection. So, by dividing them into groups, you can streamline your plant care routine to fit your lifestyle.

Indoor Plant Grouping Ideas

1. Attention Seekers

Indoor Plant Grouping Ideas - high maintenance plants

Think—Calatheas, Carnivorous Plants, Maidenhair Fern

Got some finicky plants that don’t compromise with your busy schedule and need some extra care? Place such drama queens in a special ‘VIP section’ where you can dote on them. They love the spotlight with specific light, moisture, and feeding routines.

Learn about their specific needs and set a daily routine to tend to them despite having a long day. And if you’re often swamped but still want these beauties around, keep them where you frequently pass by. This way, you’re more likely to remember their care routines, even amid a busy schedule.

2. Sun Worshippers

Indoor Plant Grouping Ideas - Sun Worshippers

Think—Succulents, Cacti, Geraniums, Herbs, Flowering Varieties

If you’ve got a sunny window or an open balcony that’s just beaming with light, create a mini desert with the sun-lovers. When they’re lumped in with other plants, they might not get all the sun they crave, leading to slow or stunted growth.

Whereas, in their own sunny nook, they’ll thrive, especially during those chillier months.

While you let them bask, watch for sunburn in the summer. Dry patches along the edges and yellow tips are the common signs of distress. Changing their spot temporarily or using a sheer curtain during peak afternoon hours should do the trick.

3. Easy Breezies

Indoor Plant Grouping Ideas

Think—Pothos, Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Philodendrons, Spider Plant

If your motto is ‘less fuss, more lush’, then these are your go-tos. They’re super adaptable and perfect for beginners or those on the go. They won’t mind if you forget a watering here and there. Just place them in any corner that needs a green touch, or use them as your low-maintenance interior decor options.

Remember that they’re pretty cool with whatever you throw at them – just don’t overwater, and they’ll be happy campers.

4. Shade Seekers

shade loving plants

Think—Chinese Evergreen, Spider Plants, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Cast Iron Plant

This category should include the easiest ones to grow, as they can survive even the shadiest corners of your home. You can leave them in the most forgetful spots, like a bathroom or your home office, where plant care might not be the first priority.

Just try to give them a weekly visit to maintain consistent soil moisture, and they are good to go.

5. Thirsty Plants

Elephant's Ear, Calathea, Lucky Bamboo

Think—Elephant’s Ear, Calathea, Lucky Bamboo, Ferns

Same goes for water-loving plants. While overwatering is the villain of every plant show, some plants actually prefer wet feet and would not flourish unless they get enough moisture. In that case, you can group them in your kitchen or bathroom, where it’s easy to keep up with their thirst. 

In fact, if you are planning jet off for a week, opt for some nifty self-watering setups or planters. That way, your leafy pals stay happily hydrated, even when you’re off the grid or running on a busy timetable.

Remember, by ‘wet feet’, we mean keeping the medium damp, not overwatered.

6. Heavy Feeders

Heavy Feeders

Think—Swiss Cheese Plant, Croton, Palms, Dwarf Citrus Plants, Flowering Varieties

These plants have a hearty appetite for nutrients. Most flowering and fruiting varieties crave regular feedings with a good quality fertilizer to maintain their lush appearance and growth.

By grouping these nutrient-lovers together, you can create a feeding schedule that keeps them all happy and healthy without missing anyone out.

7. Frequent Hair Cuts

Frequent Trimmers

Think—English Ivy, Hoya, String Plants, Pothos, Monstera

In this club, you’ve got plants that love a good haircut—they thrive when pruned often. Regular trimming will boost their growth and keep them from turning your home into an untamed sanctuary. Line them up in one area of your home so you remember their pruning needs, ensuring they always look their best.

8. Drought Tolerants

Drought Tolerants

Think—Snake Plant, Cactus, Succulents, Zz Plants, Aloe Vera

These hardy plants are perfect for those who might not have a lot of time for frequent watering. Grouping these low-water needs plants together will create an area in your home where you can relax a bit about the watering can, knowing these plants are just fine with a little neglect.

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