14 DIY Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

Explore some easy and practical DIY Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas and flaunt those trailing vines in style!

Whether you are looking for some functional support options for your plants or simply enjoy crafting projects, these DIY Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas have the best of both worlds. Not only will these trellises support the healthy growth of your plants, but they’ll add an artistic touch to your plant collection!

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DIY Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

1. Make a Driftwood Trellis

Trellis Ideas 2

Get a piece of driftwood from your yard and utilize it in a rustic and unique trellis to give your houseplants a natural climbing frame. Here are the details.

2. Use Wooden Strips to Vine Plants

Trellis Ideas 3

Create a chic, minimalist trellis by arranging wooden strips in a geometric pattern, and guide those vining plants in style. Get the detailed steps here.

3. DIY a Pot Obelisk

Give your plants a rustic support by creating a pot obelisk using some bamboo sticks, jute rope, and some basic woodworking tools mentioned here.

4. Use Macrames to Style a Wall Trellis

DIY Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas 5

Combine the art of macrame with functionality by creating a bohemian-style wall trellis like this.

5. DIY a Rope and Stick Trellis

DIY Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas 6

Simple yet effective, this trellis made from rope and sticks offers a natural and earthy charm for your climbing plants.

6. Trail the Vining Plants Up a Ladder

Beautiful Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

Repurpose an old ladder into a vertical garden, letting your vining plants weave their way up for an eye-catching display like this.

7. Suspended Pot with a Round Plant Stake

Beautiful Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

Elevate your plant game by suspending a pot with a circular stake, offering a sleek and modern twist to traditional trellises. Details are here.

8. Create a DIY Moss Pole Support

Ideas of indoor Trellis Plant

Provide your plants with naturalistic support and mimic the vines’ native environment by creating a moss pole like this.

9. Make a DIY Twig Trellis for Indoor Climbers

Ideas of indoor Trellis Plant

Utilize backyard twigs to diy a rustic trellis like this, and offer a perfect climbing aid for your indoor climbers.

10. Use Bamboo Stakes to Support Your Plant

Ideas of indoor Trellis Plant

Integrate bamboo stakes for a simple yet effective indoor trellis idea to support your plants, adding a touch of Zen to your indoor garden.

11. Create a Wired Pot Trellis

Twist wires into a creative design to make a functional yet decorative stake, perfect for supporting small indoor climbers. Here are the detailed steps.

12. Galvanized Wall Trellis

Not just for pots, you can use galvanized wire to design a wall trellis too. Get the steps here.

13. Create a Pot Trellis Using Mini Hoops

Beautiful Trellis Ideas

Give your tabletop plants extra support by creating mini hoops using fencing wires like this. It is perfect for both vining and climbing species!

14. Use Wall Clips to Support the Vines Naturally

Beautiful Trellis Ideas

You don’t need any fancy equipment to mimic this idea; just attach a few 3M clips like this and train the vines in your desired way!

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