10 Indoor Plants That Cascade Beautifully

Indoor plants that cascade beautifully over any object make the best natural home decor without much maintenance!

Whether you’re looking for a pretty hanging basket companion or display a stunning, standalone living centerpiece, these indoor plants that cascade beautifully are the ideal choice!

Indoor Plants That Cascade Beautifully

1. Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail

If you are into succulents and don’t want to invest much time in tending them, Burro’s Tail should be your pick. Its thick, lush tails packed with plump blue-green leaves can cascade up to four feet if you provide it with bright indirect sunlight and water carefully.

Do remember that the stems are delicate, so place them where they won’t be frequently brushed or bumped.

2. String of Pearls

Indoor plants that cascade beautifully

String of Pearls is another quirky succulent that features long trailing vines adorned with round, bead-like leaves, justifying its name. It can easily take over any place and cascade upto three feet indoors with the right combination of dappled sunlight and sparse watering.

3. String of Hearts

plants that cascade

Elegant and delicate, the String of Hearts boasts heart-shaped leaves with a lovely marbled pattern of silver, green, and pink hues. With a versatility like no other, its vines can trail, climb, or even cascade over four feet if allowed.

However, it’s a slow grower, so you might have to wait for years to enjoy its well-spread cascading show!

4. Pilea

plants that cascade beautifully

While not a typical cascader, the Pilea shows a charming, slightly sprawling growth pattern when its central stem is tall and untrimmed. Known for its cute, coin-like leaves, this plant is sometimes called the “Chinese money plant” and does best in a well-lit spot without direct sunlight.

Rotate the plant occasionally to ensure even growth, which keeps it looking full and balanced.

5. Wandering Dude

Indoor plants that cascade

The Inch Plant, or Wandering Dude, boasts beautiful zebra-patterned leaves with shades of green, silver, and purple that can cascade beautifully up to three feet or more. It grows quickly and can accompany you for a lifetime if cared well.

Hot Tip: Pinching back the stems regularly encourages a fuller, bushier plant, enhancing its cascading effect.

6. Boston Fern

Indoor plants that cascade beautifully

The Boston Fern features lush, arching fronds that can grow quite long, creating a full, cascading effect. This fern prefers a cool spot with high humidity, so position it where you can mist it regularly and keep the fronds from drying out.

Boston Ferns are perfect for bathrooms where humidity tends to be higher, and you can enjoy a forest-like charm without extra effort.

7. Peperomia Ruby Cascade

plants that cascade beautifully

This lesser-known gem in the Peperomia family boasts small, round, succulent-like leaves that are deep green on top and a stunning ruby-red underneath. Ideal for hanging baskets, the Ruby Cascade can do well even in the neglected corners of the house unless it’s not overly watered or basked in harsh sunlight.

8. Purple Heart

plants that cascade beautifully

The lance-shaped regal foliage will actually have your heart with that metallic sheen along its edges. It loves bright light, which intensifies its purple coloring and encourages it to reach a height of about three feet when cascaded from hanging baskets or high-held settings.

9. String of Banana

Indoor plants that cascade beautifully

This string plant features long, hanging stems with leaves shaped like tiny bananas, perfect for those who are into rare collections. Plus, these fast-growing specimens reach upto 3 feet tall under bright, indirect light and minimal watering.

So, letting the medium dry between waterings is basically the key to keeping this desert native happy and healthy.

10. String of Turtles

String of Turtles

With its small, round leaves that sport a turtle shell pattern, it is a delicate plant that remains somewhat compact, unlike most cascading plants. It loves warm, humid conditions, similar to its native tropical rainforest environment, making it a fit for most homes.

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