7 Best Indoor Plants to Grow in April

As Spring creeps in, it brings a myriad of choices for your garden. To simplify your decision, we’ve curated a list of the best indoor plants to grow in April!

Gardening is rewarding if you make the right choice, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Enhance your experience with our selected list of the best indoor plants to grow in April to bring ease and joy to your green adventures!

Best Indoor Plants to Grow in April

1. Hoya

Plants to Grow in April

April’s increasing daylight hours will meet this succulent vine’s sunlight needs, while its slow-growing nature will suffice your hectic schedule with minimum care. Hang it from a basket by the window and watch it flourish in the soft spring sunlight.

2. Maranta

Plants to Grow in April

If you want to introduce some patterns and colors into your home this Spring, Maranta could be your pick. It appreciates the longer daylight hours but doesn’t need direct sunlight—exactly what this month offers more homes.

3. Begonia

Plants to Grow in April

Another showy contender, a few hours of mild sunlight can be a boon for those vibrant foliage. Plus, its need for high humidity also aligns well with the transitioning weather of April.

4. Pothos

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

This easy-going vine is a no-brainer for April. With longer daylight hours, Pothos uses this to grow rapidly, adding greenery to your space just in time for spring. Plus, it’s super adaptable, so you can also propagate it in water or divide it to multiply your collection with minimum mess!

5. String of Hearts

Best Indoor Plants to Grow in April

Botanical Name: Ceropegia woodii

As we move into spring, the String of Hearts can be an adorable pick to bid adiue to the gloomy winter days. It loves the gradually increasing light and will reward you with delicate, heart-shaped leaves and tendrils that can cascade beautifully from shelves or hanging pots.

6. Calathea

 Indoor Plants to Grow in April - Calathea spp

Botanical Name: Calathea spp.

Calatheas exude that tropical vibe, you’d love to have around your home, especially after the not-so-green chilly days. Plus, they love a bit of extra humidity, which can be a great way to counteract the still-drying indoor air of early spring.

7. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Grow in April

Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

Well, if you do actually want a slice of tropics at your place, this plant should be your bedside companion. The Bird of Paradise, with its large, lush leaves, loves the brighter light of April. It brings a dramatic, tropical vibe right into your living room, just as nature outside begins to wake up.


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