7 Indoor Plants with Blue Flowers

Explore the best indoor plants with blue flowers to create a calm, serene ambiance in your home!

Why settle for just calm when you can double the tranquility with a dash of cool hues? We are referring to these beautiful indoor plants with blue flowers!

Indoor Plants with Blue Flowers

1. African Violet

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia spp.

Sporting mini blue-violet flowers that bloom almost throughout the year, you can even grow this houseplant from seeds. They’re pretty laid-back, enjoying a light-filled spot without direct sun and bottom watering to keep away its most formidable foe—crown rot.

2. ⁠Cape Primrose

Plants with Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Streptocarpus spp.

With its blue, somewhat trumpet-shaped flowers and elongated, green leaves, it’s a low-key star in the plant world. Give it a bright spot (sans direct sun) and a sip of water when the medium dries out, and watch it casually steal the show.

3. ⁠Gloxinia

Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Sinningia speciosa

Gloxinia showcases large, bell-shaped, velvety blue flowers—a common sight in florist shops and greenhouses during late winter and spring. You can line the other color varieties for a showy display!

4. ⁠Neoregelia

Botanical Name: Neoregelia carolinae

This plant shows excellent variegation in its foliage, besides the pretty blue-purple blooms nestled in their rosette. It doesn’t crave the spotlight (direct sun), but it does love a good, bright room.

5. ⁠Tillandsia

Indoor Plants with Blue Flowers Pictures

Botanical Name: Tillandsia aeranthos

How about growing a blue flowering indoor plant without dirtying your hands in soil or water? Airplants do just that, putting on a once-in-a-lifetime show with vivid blue-violet flowers blossoming from their graceful rosettes.

6. ⁠Orchid

Botanical Name: Vanda coerulea

While blue orchids are pretty uncommon and are mostly dyed to get the desired blue color, the Blue Vanda orchid could feed your appetite for one. However, it, being a rare exotic species, doesn’t like temperature fluctuations and requires extensive care to thrive.

7. ⁠Hydrangea

Indoor Plants with Blue Flowers Pictures

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

Indoor Hydrangeas bring a sense of calm with their big, round clusters of cool blue flowers set against vibrant green leaves. They dig bright but not direct sunlight and are pretty thirsty plants. Keep them cool, and they’ll bloom like your personal, never-ending spring day.

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