10 Mail Box Trellis Ideas

These unique Mailbox trellis ideas will surely attract eyes from all across your street! It’s time to give your mailbox a makeover now!

Besides giving your garden a makeover, is there much you can do to make your yard and, in turn, make your house stand out from others on the street? The answer is a resounding yes! Check out these beautiful mailbox trellis ideas that will catch attention from far away and are super easy to execute!

Mail Box Trellis Ideas

1. Train Up a Morning Glory Coupled with Groundcovers at the Bottom

Why create a separate trellis for your morning dew when you can capitalize on the space around your mailbox? Make a tall trellis or stand that can display your flowering plant beautifully, enhancing the aesthetics around your mailbox and yard!

2. Rock that Pink On Your MailBox with RockTrumpets!

Don’t let the Barbie fever end! Pick your favorite pink Rocktrumpets and let them grow all over the mailbox stand, creating something of a “careless beauty” in your yard.

3. Construct a Straight Wireframe Trellis by the MailBox

Keep it simplistic and minimal with a wireframe trellis over which you can drape any flowering plant and let it grow on its own accord around your mailbox.

4. Grow a Cute Flowery Nook at the Bottom of the Mailbox

Create a little rock garden for your ground-dwelling flowering plants while allowing a vine or two to snake up your mailbox. Thus, the mailbox itself supports the vines, and you achieve a beautiful nook for your flowers!

5. Prop up Clematis on Your Mailbox

While your mailbox can act as the best trellis support for many of your flowering vines, including Clematis, you could go ahead and give it some extra wooden support to really hold its shape over the mailbox for a better aesthetic.

6. Set a Wooden Trellis For All Your Vines

If you are more of a foliage person than a flowering one and love the look of vines over trellises, this one is for you! Create a proper wooden stand around your mailbox and let your vines freely grow all over and around it.

7. Coil Up Your Favorite Flowering Vine Around the Mailbox

Yet another unique design where your mailbox itself doubles as a trellis is when you want to show off your favorite flowering vine and add a touch of color to your otherwise drab mailbox.

8. Get a Metal Trellis for Sturdy Vines

Feeling a little more creative over the weekend? Outsource or create an intricate trellis that you can support against your mailbox’s wooden back while growing flowering vines all over it!

9. Morning Glory All over Your Mailbox!

A continuation of the idea of using your mailbox itself as the trellis can extend to the lovely flowering vine of morning glory as well! Show off the pretty blue flowers alongside some ground cover of yet other colorful flowers to truly elevate the look of your mailbox and make it stand out.

10. Now your Mailbox Can Be a Part of Nature!

Bring a slice of nature around your mailbox with a rock garden at the base of it and flowering plants and vines climbing from the back and sides of it, making your mailbox look like something straight out an enchanted forest!

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