5 Secrets to Make a Lucky Bamboo Bushier

A staple in homes for its symbolism in Feng Shui for luck and prosperity, here are some secrets on how to make your Lucky Bamboo bushier!

Secrets to Make a Lucky Bamboo Bushier

Fun fact about the Lucky Bamboo? It’s not a bamboo at all but a Dracaena! Thanks to the fact that it comes compact, it makes for a really great gift for close ones. This plant is also quite symbolic in Feng Shui for luck and prosperity. So naturally, if you have this plant, you would want it to be nice and bushy and have a lush appearance. We have brought to you the perfect little secrets to make your Lucky Bamboo grow bushier.

Secrets to Make Your Lucky Bamboo Bushier

1) Plant in Soil Instead of Water

Grow Lucky Bamboo indoor

While it’s really pretty to watch a Lucky Bamboo spread its roots in a beautiful transparent setup, it’s not really a wise idea to choose aesthetics at the expense of growth. Soil offers a richer mix of nutrients that’s not possible in water, allowing the roots to expand and become stronger. This stable foundation encourages the plant to produce more robust and numerous stalks and leaves, ultimately giving it a fuller, bushier look.

2) Pinch the Tips to Encourage Growth

When you remove the growing tip, the plant redirects its energy to side shoots and new branches, which results in a fuller appearance. If your focus is specifically on growing it bushier and not taller, focus on trimming the tallest stalks and removing any dry or yellow leaves. By cutting back these specific parts, you help the plant concentrate its energy on sprouting new branches from the sides, which enhances its fullness and appearance.

Always use sharp, clean shears to make these cuts to prevent any potential damage or introduction of disease to the plant.

3) Propagate Cuttings in the Same Pot

Propagate Lucky Bamboo

After you prune your plant, ensure that you replant the cut shoots into the same pot around the central plant. When these shoots grow, they will contribute to the illusion of a bushier plant. Also, pruning the top part might encourage offshoot growth near the soil level, creating a visually fuller growth.

4) Take Care of Fertilization

Feeding your plant is, of course, one of the most critical aspects to ensuring the plant looks fuller and happy. The best time to fertilize is during the warmer months, with a liquid seaweed fertilizer, following the labelled instructions.

Additionally, you can use a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to quarter strength every 4-6 weeks in the warmer months.

5) Increase the Lighting

Increase the Lighting

As a popular indoor plant, lucky bamboo will not throw much tantrums in shady locations. But, if you want that full, and bushy growth, move it to a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. The leaf tips would definitely not appreciate hours of overhead heat, so place it near the north or eastern windows of the house that would balance out its sunlight and shade requirements just right!

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