7 Ways to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

Discover some foolproof ways to make snake plants grow faster and healthier without investing a lot of time and effort!

Snake plants are the chill tortoises of the plant kingdom—slow, steady, and almost indestructible. Sure, with the right care, they might outlive you, but their leisurely growth pace might test your patience. In case you crave speedier growth, we have listed the sure-shot ways to make snake plants grow faster! Just a heads up, though—they won’t turn into a speed demon overnight. They’ll still take their sweet time, just slightly less of it!

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Ways to Make Snake Plants Grow Faster

1. Pick the Right Size Pot

Ways to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

A pot that’s too big can lead to water-logged soil and slow growth, while a too-small pot can cramp its roots. Start with a 4-6 inch pot for young plants, and as they grow, move them to a pot that’s just a size larger than their current root ball. This strategy gives the roots enough room to breathe and grow without being overwhelmed.

The right bet is to get a pot that’s just one size bigger than the plant’s root balls to ensure healthy and faster growth.

2. Place in a Warm & Well-Lit Area

Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

Snake plants aren’t too fussy about light, but they do have a preference. They enjoy warm spots with bright, indirect sunlight. Too much direct sun, and you might see their leaves getting crispy and brown. To strike the right balance, position them where they can soak up some mild morning sun keeping away the harsh, overhead sunlight.

3. Keep it Slightly Root Bound

Ways to Make Snake Plant Grow - Keep it Root Bound

This trick works by diverting the plant’s energy to shoot upwards rather than spreading its roots. Plus, a snug fit in the pot means less chance of overwatering and the nasty fungal issues that come with it.

4. Feed More Often with a Balanced Liquid Fertilizer

Feed Only During the Warmer Months

Feeding your snake plant more often provides the nutrients it needs to shoot up faster! Use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 3-6 weeks during the warmer months. However, remember to dilute the blend to one-fourth its strength so it doesn’t end up as salt deposits in the medium and hinder its growth.

5. Water Wisely

Ways to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster - Water Wisely

Watering is a bit of an art form when it comes to snake plants. They prefer to stay on the drier side rather than being soaked. Overwatering can certainly lead to root rot, which is a fast track to a plant’s demise.

So stick to watering only when the soil feels dry to the touch. When you do, ensure that the medium is watered thoroughly until it drains out from the bottom.

6. Avoid Overcrowding

Avoid Overcrowding

When they’re packed in too tight, they compete for nutrients, water, and light—the essential stuff for growth. Giving each plant its own space is like giving it its own mini ecosystem where it can flourish without having to elbow its neighbors for resources. So you may repot those pups in new pots to not just provide enough space for your plant but also expand your collection.

7. Clean the Leaves Occasionally

Clean the Leaves Occasionally

Dust off those leaves from time to time so they can absorb light more efficiently for photosynthesis. Plus, it keeps pests at bay and allows your snake plant to focus on growing, not fighting off invaders or struggling for light.

Use a damp cloth or gentle spray of water to wipe down the leaves as a part of your weekly routine.

You may try growing snake plant in water, too!

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