12 Pothos Trellis Ideas

Looking for creative ideas to support your plants while also looking beautiful? These fantastic Pothos trellis ideas work well for others, too!

While Pothos is pretty easy to grow, it requires proper support as it matures. The vines can, in fact, grow upto 10 feet indoors. That being said, designing some Pothos trellis can not just channel their growth beautifully but support lush, fuller, and bigger leaves!

Pothos Trellis Ideas

1. Tuck the Aerial Roots Around a Tall Moss Pole

Pothos Trellis Ideas

Wrap the aerial roots of your pothos around a moss pole to encourage its natural climbing habit. The moss keeps the roots moist, promoting lush foliage, without you having to tend it every other day.

2. Get a Metal Trellis and Train Over the Vines

Pothos Trellis Ideas

Use a simple metal trellis to guide your pothos vines for sturdier support and infuse an industrial vibe into your setting.

3. Arrange a Group of Different Pothos Varieties on a Trellis

Pothos Trellis Ideas

Mix leaf sizes and colors—like Marble Queen and Neon—for a diverse display. Just get a sturdy support with enough compartments to train them just as you desire!

4. Go for a Living Archway

Pothos Trellis Ideas

Train the vines over an arch, placing the pot on the side shelf. This idea is best suited for indoor archways that’d protect the foliage, too, from any harsh sun rays.

5. Allow the Vines to Climb Up the Stairs

Pothos Trellis

This idea is as simple as it sounds. Place a lush plant on the floor and intertwine the vines with the railing to channel your plant’s beauty into a functional decor idea. Just handle the vines carefully to avoid any wear and tear.

6. Train the Vines Up Your Wardrobe

Pothos Trellis

Draping pothos vines over your wardrobe is another great way to green up your space if you don’t have a dedicated spot for your plants.

7. Personalize Your Wall with Wired Hoop Stakes

Trellis Ideas

Low on low-budget but looking for a clean idea for those overgrown vines? All you need are some hoops and some thin twine or wires to weave them together for a creative yet vertical plant stake.

8. Let it Go Wild Over a Potted Plant Stake

Trellis Ideas

Give Pothos some support, and it’s gonna love climbing all over it! Just tuck in a tall stake and wrap the vines all around it for a wild yet tropical look.

9. Nail a Honeycomb Plant Stake on the Wall

Trellis Ideas

As simple as it sounds—nail a few honeycomb-like geometric stakes on the wall and create a web of Pothos all over them!

10. Train the Vines Around the Mirror for that Tropical Vibe

Trellis Ideas

Secure the stems gently with wire or adhesive hooks and train them around some furniture piece or a mirror for that lush, serene look.

11. DIY a Pot Trellis

Pothos Trellis

If you feel that you do not have a spare wall or much vertical space to offer to your Pothos, build a trellis in the container itself! Use some sturdy wire and some hooks to diy this idea.

12. Tie Some Knitting Hoops Together for a Vertical Plant Trellis

Trellis Ideas DIY

For some interesting wall decor, a statement piece would surely work, but why not give your creativity some wings with this unique idea of tying some knitting hoops together and draping your Pothos vines over and under them?

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