12 Rare Monstera Varieties to Get Your Hands On

While fenestrations and a large stature define most Monsteras these rare specimens narrate a different story altogether!

The world of Monsteras is a vibrant and untamed one, and definitely not confined to the ‘Deliciosa’ or ‘Adanasoniis’, you normally encounter! In fact, some rare Monstera varieties might have you doubting their genus and confusing them for a different one. So, if you want an extraordinary collection, we have the best options for you!

Rarest Monsteras to Get Your Hands On

1. Monstera Esqueleto

Rarest Monsteras to Get Your Hands On

This plant can, in fact, grace up your Halloween party with its dramatic fenestrations that mimic a delicate skeletal structure. Its leaves gradually develop more intense perforations as they mature, making this rare beauty stand out at every stage of growth.

2. Monstera obliqua

Rarest Monsteras to Get Your Hands On

If holey leaves have your heart, this plant should be on your cards! In fact, the foliage is so peppered with holes that it features a thin line of lush green foliage around large fenestrations.

3. Thai Constellation ‘White Snow’

Rarest Monsteras

Not just fenestrations, Monsteras can give your favorite plants a run for their brilliant variegation as well! The pale cream speckles are even more prominent in the ‘snow white’ cultivar, making them a pretty sought-after variety in the Monstera family.

4. Monstera Dubia

Monstera dubia

Another unique variety, Monstera Dubia boasts a shingling habit, i.e., it clings closely with its small, heart-shaped leaves to any surface it ascends. These leaves boast a beautiful mosaic of green and silver hues that grow larger and begin to develop fenestrations as they climb higher.

5. Monstera Pinnatipartita

Monsteras to Get Your Hands On

Monstera Pinnatipartita earns the tag of rarity with its deeply incised dark green leaves that feature prominent veins. Initially, the foliage appears whole, but as it matures, it develops that signature fenestrated form of typical Monsteras.

6. Monstera Borsigiana Variegata

Monsteras to Get Your Hands On

This is basically the variegated form of the deliciosa variety, known as ‘Borsigiana’, which is rarer than its non-variegated counterpart. It features patches or streaks of white against a green backdrop that requires 2-3 hours of mild sun exposure to retain its beauty.

7. Monstera Standleyana

Monstera standleyana

The rarity of this plant lies in its compact shape and non-fenestrated leaves that might actually trick you into considering it an uncommon Pothos instead. However, the speckling, splotches, and stripes in cream, yellow, and white against the oval, glossy green foliage compensate for the lack of that typical Monstera look!

8. Monstera Subpinnata

Rarest Monsteras to Get Your Hands On

This one will fulfill your desire for a tropical backdrop in your living with the unique, palm-like foliage that also sets it apart from its cousins. It features alternative leaflets on either side of the petiole, giving it that ‘pinnate look’; this Monstera is famous, rather rare!

9. Monstera Variegata Albo Borsigiana

Rarest Monsteras indoor 7

With an appearance similar to the ‘Thai constellation,’ the Albo Borsigiana is literally one of its kind as its unique variegation is less stable genetically, which means its off springs might not bear its unique variegation, no matter how you propagate. So, if you are lucky enough to get a mature one with prominent white variegation, savor that! If not, you there are still some fantastic options you should look upto!

10. Monstera Lechleriana

Rarest Monsteras in pot
wicked roots

First of all, good luck getting your hands on this guy! But if you do happen to bring this rare Monstera home, ensure that it has support and room to expand, as it is one of the fast-growing Monsteras with fenestrations developing parallel to the veins.

11. Monstera Peru

Monstera to Get Your Hands On

Contrary to the previous one, the “Peru” is a rare yet easy-to-care-for climbing variety that does not require too much room to grow. However, it develops thick, glossy, green foliage quite fast in the right growing conditions, featuring ridges instead of fenestrations.

12. Monstera Siltepecana

Monstera Siltepecana to Get Your Hands On

A little more readily available than all the other species on this list, this climbing variety showcases lance-shaped foliage splashed in a silvery-blue hue with prominent green veins. If you start with a young plant, you’ll get to enjoy its vibrant colors for several years before it matures into a glossy green with fenestrations.

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