If You Want Shiny Pothos and Monstera Leaves—Do This!

If you want shiny leaves on your beloved Pothos or Monstera, we have a secret recipe just for you!

Ever gazed at your houseplants and wished their leaves shimmered just a tad more? You’re not alone. Shiny leaves are every plant parent’s dream that succumbs to hectic schedules. And neither do you want you to resort to chemicals to get that glossy look. So, if you are in a similar dilemma, we have a fantastic solution for you!

Does Shiny Leaves Even Matter?

Does Shiny Leaves Even Matter

Yes, shiny leaves do matter. They aren’t just nice to look at but signify good plant health. That glossy look essentially shows that the plant is soaking up enough light, which is important for photosynthesis—the way plants turn light into energy. Plus, shiny leaves also enhance the aesthetics of their surroundings, filling the room with vibrant, brighter energy!

If you Want Shiny Pothos and Monstera Leaves—Do This!

If you Want Shiny Pothos and Monstera Leaves

While tending the plant regularly ensures healthy leaves, that lush, magazine-worthy sheen will require you to walk a few extra miles. One super remedy can be using a milk solution to clean the foliage. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Mix a solution of one part milk to three parts water. This dilution is strong enough to benefit the leaves without leaving any residue that could attract pests or cause issues.
  • Dip a soft cloth or a sponge in the milk solution and gently wipe the top and underside of each leaf. Monstera and Pothos leaves are large and sturdy enough to handle a gentle wiping, which removes dust, dirt, and potential pests, revealing a clean, shiny surface.
  • After wiping them down, use a dry cloth to dab any excess moisture off the leaves. This will prevent any fungal growth due to dampness.

Try this routine every few weeks to ensure your plants stay vibrant and efficiently perform photosynthesis. Keep an eye on them, and if you notice any signs of distress, consider diluting the mixture or decreasing the frequency.

Why Use Milk Solution to Clean Plant Leaves?

If you Want Shiny Pothos and Monstera Leaves

Cleaning the foliage with milk solution might make you frown but there’s more to just the gloss you’ll see. A light coating of diluted milk on the leaves can help in a couple of key ways.

First, it can boost photosynthesis. As we have already discussed, clean, shiny leaves absorb more light and convert it into energy. More light absorption means more robust growth and vitality. Secondly, milk has natural fungicidal properties that will protect your plants from potential fungal infections thriving on dirty leaves. And finally, the sheen on your leaves is definitely worth mentioning!

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