11 Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

These creative ways to style your home with Spider Plants are not just easy to execute but pretty versatile!

With their stunning cascading form and easy-going nature, spider plants are a breeze to care for. They do pretty well in low light and need only occasional watering, offering endless styling possibilities to enhance your home decor!

Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

1. Display a Hanging Plant with Spiderretes

Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

If you are lucky enough to have lush Spider plants with spiderettes dangling down, make the most of them by showcasing them in a hanging planter. Opt for chic macrame holders to achieve that trendy boho vibe, or even better, crochet one in your favorite colors for a more personalized space.

2. Set Up a Tiered Plant Stand Look

 best Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

Give your spider plants a multi-level home using a tiered plant stand. In fact, you can use a plant with pups too, to create a naturally tiered look. Give proper support to the pups so they don’t bow down due to the weight of plants.

3. Mix N’ Match with Other Plants

Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants Mixed Garden Display

Spider plants play well with others. So, you can pair them with a variety of other houseplants—like a vining pothos for softness and succulents for structure—to craft a lush, textured garden right in your living room.

4. Arrange a Few Houseplants on a Clothes Rack

Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants Mixed Garden Display

Who knew a clothes rack could host more than just clothes? Hang a spider plant on the coat rack along with other trailing varieties for an instantly fresh and chic look. In fact, this idea will allow you to display several plants together, especially if you are into urban jungle vibes.

4. Display it as a Statement Tabletop Centerpiece

table centerpiece Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

Let a spider plant steal the spotlight on your coffee or dining table. Opt for an eye-catching pot that fits your room’s style, and let those arching leaves do their thing. You can also dedicate a table to a healthy plant that would attract your guests like no other!

5. Create a Vertical Garden

vertical garden Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

Short on floor space? No problem. Stack up some shelves or mount a vertical garden panel and deck it out with spider plants. Lining a bunch of plants together will not just greenify that bland wall of yours but take care of your indoor air quality as well!

6. Hang a Lush Plant In the Bathroom

in the bathroom Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

Spider plants love humidity, making them perfect for your bathroom. Hang one near the shower or maybe by the sink to turn your space into a mini spa retreat. The steamy environment will keep it thriving, and you get to enjoy a bit of green luxury every day.

7. Crown Up Head Planters

decorative pot Ways to Style Your Home with Spider Plants

The overly curly foliage of spider plants calls for some real fun! Just crown it on a quirky head planter and enjoy some compliments on your creativity! If you want to experiment with this idea, pick the ‘Bonnie’ spider plant for that really curly hair foliage look.

8. Set Up Your Own Propagation Station

best Propagation Station

Spider plants are incredibly easy to multiply, especially from their pups. Set up a corner with some jars of water to root new plants—it’s a fun project that can also be a cool educational spot or a weekend activity for the kids in your home.

9. Place a Healthy Plant On the Bookshelf

Top best On Bookshelf

A fantastic spot for your healthy spider plant is right among your books. Not only does it add a touch of green to your shelves, but its low moisture requirements mean easy watering without risking your favorite collection.

10. How About a Standalone Planter?

Standalone Planter

A simple, beautiful standalone planter with a flourishing spider plant can make a bold statement. Place it in a spot where it can be admired from all angles—ideal for adding a touch of calm to high-traffic areas. And really, the planter itself opens up endless creative possibilities. Just take a look at this picture—doesn’t it inspire you to think outside the box with your own planter design?

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