18 Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

Here are some stylish things you can do with Monsteras that’ll let you flaunt those fenestrated leaves beautifully!

With their dramatic, lush leaves, Monsteras are more than just houseplants—they’re a style statement. These plants effortlessly enhance your space, whether you’re going for a boho vibe or a more contemporary look, adapting seamlessly to reflect your personal style.

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monstera

1. Pot a Lush Monstera in a Matte Planter for that Polished Look

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

At first glance, this might seem like a simple setup, but placing a Monstera in a matte, polished planter near your reading nook or recliner can transform it into an attractive focal point of the room.

2. Get a Huge One to Block the Morning Light

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

Here’s a stylish twist for your Monstera—position a large plant in a floor planter by the window and let it filter the mind the morning light into the room!

3. Don’t Miss the Tight Spots!

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

Even if you’re tight on space, you can still flaunt your plant passion. Utilize vertical space on a shelf by stacking boxes or using narrow plant stands to perch a smaller Monstera.

4. Add Some Fairy Lights For that Festive Vibe

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

Why keep your Monstera tucked away when you can dress it up? Wrapping fairy lights around your plant not only highlights its beautiful structure but also adds a warm, festive glow to your living room.

5. Let One Climb All the Way to the Roof

Monstera Room Divider

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated plant room, make room for a large Monstera. Place it beside shelves of smaller plants and give it the space to climb. Watch as it grows, possibly all the way to the ceiling, becoming a true showstopper among your plant collection.

6. Crown Your Bookshelf with a Dainty Monstera

Stylish Things Monsteras

Top off your bookshelf with a dainty Monstera for an elegant twist. This not only brings life to your book collection but also beautifully blends the worlds of literature and nature, creating a peaceful nook in your home.

7. Go for Honeycomb Trellis

Stylish Monsteras

Is your Monstera getting a bit too wild? Rein it in with a honeycomb trellis. Opt for a smaller variety, pot it, and let it climb a uniquely shaped trellis.

8. Welcome Your Guests with a Huge Monstera at the Entrance

Make a bold statement right at your doorstep with a large Monstera with its leaves’ imposing presence, giving your guests a green, lush welcome.

9. Let the Vines Trail Up Gracefully

For a touch of modern elegance with geometric flair, position your Monstera in a pot on a shelf and guide its vines to trail upwards cleanly.

10. Go for a Wall Mounted Monstera Display

Ever heard the phrase, “Go big or go home?” Apply that to your Monstera display by mounting a large planter on the wall. This eye-catching arrangement isn’t just stylish; it is a dramatic focal point, showcasing the spectacular Monstera leaves as they spill out.

11. Keep it Minimal with a Potted Plant Stake

Simplicity can be striking. If you have a Monstera in a floor planter, just add a sleek, minimalistic stake for support. It’s an easy way to let your plant elegantly trail up, attracting attention without overwhelming your decor.

12. Drape the Vines Around a Ladder Trellis

Don’t let your Monstera languish unnoticed on a side table. Give it a ladder trellis to climb, allowing the vines to twine around each rung.

13. Pair it Up with a Vining Rhaphidophora on the Wall

If you’re a fan of Monstera plants, here’s a sophisticated way to display multiple varieties. Place a larger Monstera in a chic, neutral-colored pot on a shelf or side table. For a smaller variety, use a floor planter and guide its vines upwards on a support to create a canopy-like effect.

14. Get a Variegated Beauty for an Added Beauty

If you already have one of the rare, variegated Monstera varieties in your collection, you hardly have to worry about display anyway! Yet, if you still want to be stylish with it, choose a gorgeous planter that stands out and place the plant in the entryway of your house for the best first impression every time!

15. Let Your Monstera Grow Out to New Heights

Encouraging a large Monstera to grow tall can seem like a challenge, but it’s worth it. Don’t worry too much about styling—just let it grow naturally. Those large, iconic leaves will capture attention and dramatically enhance the aesthetics of any space.

16. House it in a Boho Hanging Display

Move over traditional settings! Why not hang your Monstera in a boho-style planter? This approach allows your Monstera’s vines to cascade beautifully, showcasing your plant’s beauty in a fun and stylish way.

17. Wrap a Variegated Monstera Around a Moss Pole

Yet another great way to stylishly display your rare Monstera variety is by using a handmade floor planter and adding a moss pole or trellis alongside your plant to support it. Thus, you can properly show off its beautiful green-white variegations.

18. Pair a Large Monstera with an Indoor Tree

Create a separate nook only for your Monstera varieties by placing them on planters of varying heights that put your plant displays into perspective, especially if you have two or more varieties on display.

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