19 Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

Here are some stylish things you can do with Philodendron to amp up the natural aesthetics of your home!

Philodendrons are pretty common houseplants and can grow really well without much effort. If you have a collection of these air-purifying plants in your home, try displaying them in these stylish ways for a more organized look!

Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

1. Root a Large Philo Leaf in a Cup

Start with something simple yet visually striking. Take a large philodendron leaf and root it in a cup or glass for a fascinating yet functional display.

2. Wrap Up a Vine Around a Moss Pole

Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

Boost the tropical vibe in any room by wrapping a philodendron vine around a moss pole and positioning it at a bright spot in your house.

3. Display a Beautiful Philodendron as a Centerpiece

Philodendron Table Centerpieces

Choose a beautiful pot that matches your decor, and let a pretty philodendron do the rest with its vibrant foliage.

4. Mount One on the Bathroom Wall

Philodendron in Bathroom

Why not hang a philodendron on the wall? Attach it to a wooden plaque covered with sphagnum moss for a stylish display that adds life to the space.

5. Personalize Your Own Spa Retreat

Philodendron in Bathroom

Set a philodendrons around your bathtub and scatter a few potted ones around the place to create a mini spa-like vibe that you’d love to enjoy!

6. Pot a Few Philos Around Your Work Station

Office Greens

Dot your workspace with some philodendron plants. They’re not only a pleasant sight but also help calm your mind and boost your creativity.

7. Mount a Beautiful Philodendron Against White Background

Philodendron in Office

Use a white wall as the backdrop for a lush philodendron. The contrast makes the green leaves pop and adds a modern twist to your décor.

8. Hang a Lush Heart Leaf Philodendron from the Ceiling


Dangle a heart-leaf philodendron from the ceiling in a hanging planter and let the vines cascade down in style.

10. Create a Vertical Living Wall

Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

Fill a wall with different philodendrons to beautify it. Setting up the vines vertically not only cleans the air but also transforms your wall into a vibrant green focal point.

11. Enjoy a Living Privacy Screen

Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

Arrange a philodendron near the wall to form a privacy screen in your living room or on your balcony. It’s a natural way to section off your space while keeping things light and airy.

12. Mix N’ Match Different Varieties Together

Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

Combine different varieties of philodendrons in one area for a beautiful green display. You can place the bushy types next to the climbing ones and the broad-leafed ones next to the delicate-leafed varieties. for an added texture and color.

13. Train a Vining Philo All Around the Room

Living Wall

Let a vining philodendron travel around your room for a living wall that’s soothing to the eye.

14. Set Up a Floating Plant Stand

Floating Shelves - Stylish Things You Can Do With Philodendron

Install a floating shelf or a set of hanging shelves specifically for your philodendrons for a great way to display these plants at eye level.

15. Upcycle Old Items to Create a Philodendron Plant Stand

Philodendron Upcycled Items

Get creative and turn an old ladder, a stack of vintage books, or even an unused stool into a unique plant stand for your philodendrons.

16. Apm Up Your Bedroom

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

Whether it’s a large plant in a corner or smaller pots on a shelf, these plants can help purify the air and boost your mood, making your bedroom a more relaxing space.

17. Hang some Lush Plants by the Window

Hang philodendron plants in baskets by the window where they can get plenty of light and create a beautiful natural curtain.

18. Train the Vines Along an Indoor Arch

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

If you have an archway inside your home, use it as a structure to train philodendron vines.

19. Dedicate a Corner to Green Beauty

Stylish Things You Can Do With Monsteras

Transform an unused corner of your home into a dedicated green space with various philodendrons. Arrange them at different heights using stands or shelves to create a tiered garden effect.

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