12 Proven Tricks to Grow a Big, Green, and Shiny Monstera

Learn some super effective tricks to grow a big, green, and shiny Monstera that’ll that will dominate your living space with its elegance!

Monsteras have this understated elegance that can transform any space with its large stature. If you’re finding it tough to keep your plant healthy, these tricks to grow a big, green, and shiny Monstera are just what you need to turn things around!

How to Grow a Big Monstera?

1. Pick the Correct Pot Size

Pick the Correct Pot Size

When it comes to Monsteras, size does matter—at least with pots! Although you might want to plant your Monstera in a larger pot to give it plenty of room to grow, doing so can actually cause waterlogging problems, leading to root rot and stunted growth.

So always select a pot that’s just one size bigger than the root ball. This “Goldilocks” size ensures enough space for growth without risking the pesky root rot issues. As your Monstera grows, keep this sizing strategy in mind during each repotting session.

2. Create a Microclimate to Meet its Humidity Needs

Monsteras hail from the tropics, so they grow best in humid environments. To Mimic their natural habitat, create a microclimate that caters to their love for moisture.

Misting the foliage with lukewarm water, using a humidifier, or placing a water-filled pebble tray beneath the plant—the options are endless! This boost in humidity not only promotes lush, vibrant leaves but also reduces the chances of leaf crisping.

3. Prune the Plant to Support Vertical Growth

Plant to Support Vertical Growth

While you might think pruning is all about tidying up your plant, there’s more to it. By trimming back excessively long or unhealthy stems and unnecessary aerial roots, you encourage the plant to focus its energy on soaring upwards rather than sprawling outward.

This not only helps manage the plant’s shape but also develops larger leaves, as it does in its native environment.

4. Support it on Moss Poles

Support it on Moss Poles

Monsteras love to climb, just as they do in the wild, where they scale trees to soak up the sun. By installing a moss pole, you give your Monstera a structure to climb, which encourages its vertical growth and larger leaf development.

As the plant climbs, it senses the support and is triggered to produce bigger, heartier leaves as it would in its natural setting. Secure its stems gently to the moss pole and watch as it reaches towards your ceiling with vigor.

How to Grow a Green Monstera?

5. Take Care of its Sunlight Needs

Sunlight is the secret sauce to a Monstera’s green glory; however, it should be balanced. Too much direct sun can scorch the leaves, leaving you with crispy, brown edges.

So, place it where it can bask in a few hours of mild sunlight in the morning and rest in the shade throughout the day. A north or east-facing window or maybe one draped with a sheer curtain can suffice for its light requirements just right.

6. Refrain from Overwatering

Native to the understory of the tropics, Monsteras like their soil to dry out a bit between waterings. To hit the right balance, stick your finger into the soil up to the second knuckle; if it feels dry, it’s time to water.

Overwatering will only jeopardize the plant’s health and its vibrant color. So, let your Monstera breathe and drink moderately.

7. Feed it Well

Monstera needs good nutrition to look its best. Feed it with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer, like a 20-20-20 blend, diluted to one-quarter strength. Apply this mixture every 4-6 weeks during the warmer months to fulfill its nutrient requirements for those lush, green foliage.

Come fall and winter, you can cut back to feeding every other month as growth slows.

8. Get Rid of the Unsightly Parts

Unsightly Parts

Matured leaves or leggy stems might often override your plant’s greenery. Snipping these off can actually enhance the plant’s looks, drawing everyone’s attention to the greener parts. Also, tidying up the plant regularly redirects its energy towards producing stunning, healthy green leaves.

9. Keep the Plant Pest Free

Pests such as spider mites and scale can drain your Monstera of its vital sap—the lifeblood that carries nutrients throughout the plant. So, keep the pests at bay by spraying it with a neem oil or insecticidal solution whenever you notice any signs of pests. Keep an eye on the undersides and along the stalks to keep things clean and tidy.

Healthy plants can better absorb and utilize nutrients, which supports richer, greener leaves.

How to Grow a Shiny Monstera?

Besides caring for its humidity and watering needs, cleaning the plant regularly retains its shine and promotes healthy growth.

10. Clean the Leaves with a Soapy Solution

Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with water and gently wipe the leaves using a soft cloth. This removes dust, dirt, and any potential pests, allowing the leaves to breathe and photosynthesize more efficiently. The result is a shinier and more vibrant Monstera.

Remember to rinse off any soapy residue to avoid any unwanted pest problems.

11. Wipe them up with Milk and Water Solution

For an extra shine, consider wiping your Monstera’s leaves with a solution of milk and water. Mix one part milk with two parts water and apply it gently with a soft cloth. The lactic acid in milk acts as a natural polish, giving the leaves a glossy finish. Not only does this process clean the surface, but it also provides a protective layer that can enhance leaf color and shine.

12. Dust the Plant

Dusty plants are a common sight, especially in urban homes, and the unsightly layer hampers more than just the plants’ looks. It blocks sunlight and shatters the plants’ ability to photosynthesize smoothly.

So, to keep your plant looking vibrant and healthy, regularly brush off the dust using a soft brush or a microfiber cloth. This easy upkeep will boost the leaf’s shine, keeping it happy and thriving!

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