Wipe Your Snake Plant Leaves this Often for Ultimate Growth !

Wiping Snake Plant leaves can be a game-changer, boosting its ability to photosynthesize and purify indoor air!

While wiping a snake plant’s foliage might seem an overzealous act with no scientific benefits, it can be the secret to that gorgeous plant growth you’ve been waiting for! Studies suggest that clean leaves can increase photosynthetic efficiency by up to 20-30%, as dust and grime block sunlight, which is extremely important for photosynthesis. Plus, it degrades the plant’s ability to detoxify the indoor air, keeping you from breathing in fresh air.

How Often to Wipe Snake Plant Leaves?

The frequency of wiping plant foliage depends majorly on your environment. If you live in an urban city where the air is much polluted, like near a busy road or industrial area, aim to clean the leaves weekly to remove grime and dust. However, a bi-weekly wipe is usually enough for those residing in the outskirts or in a community that’s not too close to the main roads and is not exposed to the smoke emitted by vehicles.

The wiping schedule also depends on the seasons. In the warmer months, you can clean those leaves every alternate week, when increased light and warmth combined with clean leaf pored will maximize photosynthesis. Its growing spree takes a back seat in the cooler days, so you can laze around and wipe them up once every 30-40 days. However, the monsoons are a bit messy for both humans and plants, and these leaves tend to attract more dust and mold on humid days. So, removing those buildup once in 8-10 days is a good idea.

Your plant might need special care if placed in a shady room, as dust can further reduce the already limited light it receives. Consider wiping it bi-monthly to make the most of the available light in such a case.

Finally, wiping your plant can never be a bad idea and doesn’t require you to follow a fixed schedule, as long as you are gentle enough not to damage its foliage.

How to Wipe Snake Plant Leaves?

Wiping those long and tough Snake Plant leaves is as easy as it sounds, and you need not complicate the process. If you tend to clean it frequently, just use a soft cotton cloth and dust off the foliage.

If you notice a thin film of dust and grime, dip the cloth in a soapy solution and wipe the leaves thoroughly, focusing on the undersides and edges. You can also add a few drops of neem oil to the solution and double up this step as a precaution against the ugly pest infestation. However, don’t go overboard with the ‘neem oil’ part and skip using it in every alternate wash to avoid chances of phytotoxicity.

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