Nine 3 Petal Flower Varieties

Tune in to nature’s surprises and explore some of the most beautiful and unconventional 3 Petal Flower Varieties!

If you believe in numerology and want to create a strong impact with your botanical collection, these 3 petal flower varieties should be on your cards!

3 Petal Flower Varieties

1. Elegant Camas

3 Petal Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Anticlea elegans

Popular as the Wand Lily or White Camas, this North American perennial features disc-shaped, greenish-white flowers. Arranged in racemes, the bloom comprises six tepals, split between three petals and three sepals, forming an interesting symmetry.

2. Wild Iris

3 Petal Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Iris missouriensis

Often referred to as the Blue Flag Iris or Rocky Mountain Iris, this perennial plant unfurls vibrant three-petaled flowers. Available in shades of blue, purple, and occasionally white, these petals curve upwards, contrasted by three sepals in deep purple, accented with white and yellow.

3. Asiatic Dayflower

3 Petal Flower Varieties


3 Petal Flower

Botanical Name: Commelina communis

Native to East Asia and some areas of Southeast Asia, this annual weed produces a single flower on each stalk—two prominent blue ones at the top and a smaller, subtle white petal below.

4. Mariposa Lily

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Calochortus venustus

This perennial herb reaches varying heights from 10 to 60 cm high, showcasing clusters of bell-shaped flowers. Each bloom features three-clawed, oval petals in shades of pale pink, purple, orange, or bright red, elegantly paired with three curving sepals.

5. White Trillium

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Trillium grandiflorum

Celebrated as Ontario’s provincial flower, it is a sight to behold in rich, upland forests, where you can recognize it easily thanks to the attractive three-petalled flowers that start opening from late spring to early summer.

6. Tiger Flower

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Tigrida pavonia

This bulbous perennial, with its grass-like, sword-shaped green leaves, forms elegant clumps. It produces stems that bear an array of flowers in hues of red, pink, orange, yellow, and white, each featuring three large, uniform-colored petals that herald the arrival of spring.

7. Dwarf Lake Iris

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Iris lacustris

Native to the Great Lakes region of eastern North America, the Dwarf Lake Iris is a favored ornamental plant. It displays violet-blue or lavender-blue flowers, characterized by 3 outer sepals (falls) and 3 inner tepals (standards).

8. Red Trillium

Trillium erectum Flower

Botanical Name: Trillium erectum

Commonly referred to as Ill-scented Wake-Robin, Indian Shamrock, and American True-Love, the distinctive feature of this flowering plant is that it features red 3 petal flowers with deep red centers and grows in the spring woods.

9. Frogbit

Hydrocharis morsus-ranae

Botanical Name: Hydrocharis morsus-ranae

Commonly known as European frogbit, this free-floating flowering plant features small white flowers, both male and female. Each flower has three white petals and three greenish-red sepals with yellow centers.

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