Twenty Four 5 Petal Flower Varieties

Blend in some beauty and color in your garden with these beautiful 5 petal flower varieties, which are also super easy to grow!

The number Five holds more than numerical value; it represents the balance between harmony, freedom, and adventure—a concept wonderfully mirrored in these beautiful 5-petal flower varieties!

5 Petal Flower Varieties

1. Baby Blue Eyes

Botanical Name: Nemophilia menziesii

This plant graces gardens with sky-blue, five-petalled flowers that transition to a delicate white around the center. It does pretty well in partially shaded areas, especially in containers or as groundcovers in spring and summer.

2. Four O’ Clock

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa

This plant features trumpet-shaped five-petalled flowers in shades of pink, yellow, and white that open in the late afternoon. Thriving in full sun, Four O’Clock is a summer bloomer that adds evening color and a mild fragrance to any spot.

3. Dianthus

Botanical Name: Dianthus carophyllus

Regarded as the ‘marvel of Peru,’ these star-shaped, five-petalled flowers atop blue-green foliage come in shades of pink, yellow, and white. Preferring full sun to partial shade, it’s a long-blooming perennial that fills the garden with a spicy, clove-like fragrance.

4. Swamp Candle

Botanical Name: Lysimachia terrestris

This herbaceous flowering plant is not very picky about its soil requirements, adding to its pros. Plus, it produces beautiful star-shaped 5-petalled flowers that last from two weeks to about a month during the summer.

5. Black-eyed Susan check

Botanical Name: Rudbeckia hirta

Yet another five-petalled flower species native to eastern North America, the daisy-like black-eyed Susan features “eyes”, i.e., the dark brown centre surrounded by yellow petals. Plus, they are home to several pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other insects.

6. Hibiscus

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Boasting vibrant shades of orange, yellow, red, pink, and white, some even showing gradients, this five-petalled flower could be the star of your garden! In fact, this sun-loving plant also boasts certain medicinal properties.

7. Stepanotis

5 Petal

Botanical Name: Stephanotis floribunda

Commonly known as the bridal flower and Madagascar jasmine, this flowering vine prefers humid, tropical climates. It produces small, white blooms that are quite fragrant alongside glossy, oval-shaped green leaves.

8. Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Botanical Name: Ipomoea purpurea

A beloved of hummingbirds and butterflies, the Morning Glory showcases five-petalled trumpet-shaped fragrant blooms in magenta, purple-blue, pink, and white. Plus, those tendrils and twining vines look best over a pergola or a garden arch.

9. Pentas

Pentas lanceolata - 5 Petal Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Pentas lanceolata

Pentas is a tropical flowering plant named after its five-pointed petals. This jewel-toned perennial loves the sun and blooms throughout the year in warm climates, adding continuous color to gardens.

10. Geraniums

5 Petal Geraniums

Botanical Name: Pelargonium X hortorum.

Pretty vibrant five-petalled blooms, beautiful fragrances, and culinary uses sum up the distinguishing features of geraniums. These can also be a lovely addition to window boxes, hanging baskets, and herb gardens due to their compact size.

11. Sandwort

Botanical Name: Arenaria grandiflora

If you are looking for five-petalled white flowers, sandwort is the one for you. With needle-like leaves on woody stems close to the base, this plant blooms profusely during spring in well-drained soil.

12. Petunias

5 Petal Petunias

Botanical Name: Petunia spp.

Treasured for their diverse color palette and long flowering period, petunias are also quite popular for their low care needs. Plus, they are versatile options for hanging baskets, pots, patios, and even windowsills.

13. Columbine

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Aquilegia vulgaris

Columbine stands out with its unique, bell-shaped flowers, each sporting five petals and distinctive, elongated spurs. These plants enjoy some shade and grace gardens with a variety of colours in spring and early summer.

14. Forget-me-not

Myosotis scorpioides - 5 Petal Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Myosotis scorpioides

An easy-to-grow flower that blooms during spring, forget-me-nots are tiny flowers with five petals. Their colors range from white to pink, with white being the most commonly found one. They might be invasive, so its good to grow them in pots and containers.

15. Summer Snapdragon

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Angelonia angustifolia

Don’t let the name mislead you, these flowers exhibit a delicate show with their five-petalled blooms in purple, white, blue, pink, and even bi-color. However, the dried ones might scare you at the first glance!

16. Hellebore

5 Petal Flower

Botanical Name: Helleborus

Your garden’s shady area and this plant’s lance-shaped leaves could complement each other pretty well, and its bell-shaped drooping 5 petal flowers join the party! However, do remember that this November-blooming plant can also be toxic to pets and kids.

17. Poppies

5 Petal Varieties

Botanical Name: Papaver somniferum L.

Nodding buds atop long solitary stalks produce five petals with numerous stamens in the poppy plant. An interesting fact about poppies is that the sepals fall off as the petals start unfolding in the flowers.

18. Nasturtium

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

A cheerful flower that not only adds a pop of color to your garden and fights pests but is also edible! You can grow these petal-blooming vines at any corner of your garden as long as you provide them with sturdy support.

19. Verbena

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Verbena officinalis

Vigorous, vibrant, and versatile, these annual verbenas are great for adding some oomph to your garden’s aesthetic, thanks to their bright five-petalled flowers that look exquisite, spilling from pots, windows, and hanging baskets.

20. Rhododenron

Rhododendron arboreum

Botanical Name: Rhododendron arboreum

Growing in the moist, acidic soil of Southeast East Asia and the Himalayas, the Rhododendron, or “red tree,” is noted for its attractive, red five-petalled tubular flowers on woody stems. Given that, it is also cultivated as an ornamental plant.

21. Plumeria

Botanical Name: Plumeria spp.

Popular as frangipani, this five-petal flowering shrub is found naturally in Central America and Mexico but is also common in Hawaii. It needs full sun and blooms from spring to fall, adding an exotic touch to warm-weather gardens.

22. Prince’s Pine

Botanical Name: Chimaphila umbellata

This groundcover is loved for its small, star-shaped, five-petalled flowers in a delicate pink-white hue. It blooms best in acidic, well-drained soil and partial shade, mostly during the late summer months.

23. Leadworts

Botanical Name: Plumbago auriculata

Similar to phlox blossoms, the mat-forming perennial ground cover Leadwort produces clusters of star-shaped, five-petalled, vibrant blue flowers during mid-summer that rise on long stalks over the foliage.

24. Periwinkle

Botanical Name: Catharanthus roseus

Periwinkle is a fuss-free plant with glossy leaves and charming five-petalled flowers in shades of purple, pink, red, and white. Adaptable to both sunny and partially shaded areas, it graces as ground covers and border edges from spring until frost.

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