Eighteen 5 Petal White Flower Varieties

These beautiful 5 petal white flower varieties are perfect for balancing out the vibrancy in any garden without overwhelming the place!

In various cultural traditions, the number five represents harmony and balance, while white symbolizes purity and peace. Together, they form a potent symbolic duo in the plant world through the beauty of these 5 petal white flower varieties you’d love to grow!

5 Petal White Flower Varieties

1. Petunia

5 Petal White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Petunia axillaris

Also regarded as the wild white Petunia or the white moon Petunia, this annual plant native to temperate South America showcases large white trumpet-shaped blooms and is an excellent flowering garden plant.

2. Hawaiian White Hibiscus

5 Petal White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Hibiscus arnottianus

The Hawaiian White Hibiscus is an evergreen shrub with an open and airy yet compact growth habit. It blooms almost continuously with pinwheel-shaped, slightly fragrant flowers complete with a pink or red protruding staminal column.

3. Jasmine

5 Petal White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Jasminum polyanthum

Native to the tropical regions of China and Myanmar, this flowering plant is a strong and hardy evergreen twining climber. It is especially noted for its abundant, highly fragrant white or pale pink flowers, which showcase five petals.

4. Periwinkle

5 Petal White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Catharanthus roseus

Also known as the Vinca rosea, this variety of Periwinkle, the Madagascar periwinkle, generally showcases small five-petalled blooms in pink and white alongside attractive, lush green foliage. It blooms from summer up to the first frost and tolerates droughts quite well, making it suitable for arid climates.

5. Plumeria

White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Plumeria spp.

Does this remind you of Hawaii? Well, you won’t be wrong because this flower, also known as Frangipani or Lei flower, is used to make lei (garlands) in Hawaii for its beautiful white-petalled blooms. This ornamental plant will look great on your terrace, blooming from early summer to fall with long, deep-green, leathery leaves growing in clusters over the tips of branches.

6. Hellebores

White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Helleborus orientalis

Native to Southern and Central Europe, Helleborus, the “Christmas rose” or “Potter’s Wheel,” is a perennial showcasing leathery leaves that surround and protect a circle of five tiny petals that look like stamens. You can enjoy the blooms of hellebores for as long as they bloom anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, and they are available in both white and purple colors.

7. Angelonia

White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Angelonia spp.

Though you may not be familiar with the Angelonia from Central and South America, you must have heard of Summer snapdragon, which is another name for this flowering plant. It is a great plant for both indoors and outdoors, showcasing its tiny white blooms with five petals, making for amazing space fillers as well.

8. Canada Anemone

White Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Anemone Canadensis

You might know this robust plant as the “round leaf thimbleweed” or the “meadow anemone” with solitary five-petalled white flowers sporting golden center springs out of each leaf whorl. If the growing conditions are too favorable, this hardy species can become aggressive, as they are adaptable in several growing conditions and are mostly found in ponds, streams, or meadows.

9. Lobelia

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Lobelia paludosa

A wet feet-loving wildflower most commonly found in wet flatwoods or swamps of South Florida, White lobelia primarily produces white five-lobed flowers with a tinge of blue or purple-blue. The five lobes of each flower consist of two lips, i.e., two fused petals at the top and three fused petals at the bottom.

10. White Buttercup

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Ranunculus Aquatilis

Enough about terrestrial plants! The white buttercup is an aquatic perennial that grows in large patches, showcasing tiny white flowers with five small petals, blooming from mid-spring to summer. You would generally find them growing in shallow ponds or low-draining areas as they love wet, marshy soil and full sunlight.

11. Bacopa

Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Bacopa Monnieri

A water-loving perennial native to the wetlands of South and East India, Europe, Australia, and North and South America, bacopa is a fast-growing plant with succulent, oblong leaves alongside small five-petalled, white flowers. These flowers are actinomorphic, meaning they are characterized by their radial symmetry.

12. Primrose

5 Petal White Flower

Botanical Name: Primula vulgaris

In nature, you would find primroses along streams, ponds, and in woodland gardens, but you can also grow them indoors in containers, gardens, and borders. They make for excellent displays because of their fragrant, showy petals that range from white to pale yellow or cream.

13. Yarrow

5 Petal White Flower

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

Quite an attractive and hardy perennial, Yarrow, with its fern-like leaves, produces flat-topped or dome-shaped clusters of tiny white flowers, each with five petals. Since they showcase clusters, each composite flower produces 3 to 8 petal-like ray flowers and may produce up to 12 disk flowers.

14. Columbine

5 Petal White Flower

Botanical Name: Aquilegia vulgaris

Columbines catch the eye with their unique white flowers that boast five petals, each extending into a long, nectar-filled spur that arcs elegantly backward. These flowers make their delightful appearance in spring, adding vibrancy to any garden.

As the seasons shift, the dark green foliage of the columbines deepens to a rich maroon, offering a beautiful fall transition.

15. Delphinium

5 Petal White Flower

Botanical Name: Delphinium elatum

You can immediately distinguish this hardy perennial flowering plant by its soaring floral spires. They are quite popular in cottage-style gardens and make great cut flowers with star-shaped white blooms, each adorned with subtly ruffled petals and subtle yellow centers.

16. Heliotrope

5 Petal Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Heliotropium arborescens

The garden heliotrope is a shrubby perennial that grows to over 6 feet tall. It produces flat-clustered fragrant five-lobed flowers in purple and white, which look quite similar to forget-me-nots.

17. Phlox

5 Petal Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Phlox paniculata

Looking for the most beautiful specimens that can be used as a backdrop for wedding bouquets, flower arrangements, or table centerpieces? The white phlox would be your best friend thanks to five-lobed tubular flowers that grow in large clusters and symbolize the “unification of the souls,” making it perfect for weddings.

18. Nicotiana

Botanical Name: Nicotiana tabacum

Last but not least, the unconventional Tobacco flower is tubular and white in color. It showcases five petals fused into a long tube and then opens into five expanded lobes towards the top of the flower. These flowers bloom in June and last until the first frost, producing an intoxicating fragrance, too!

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