13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions

These Flowers that Look Like Dandelions will elevate the beauty of your garden with their vibrant colors and unique appearance!

Whether growing invasively along garden borders or displayed in pots on the patio, these Flowers that Look like Dandelions are sure to draw your attention!

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Flowers that Look Like Dandelions

Dandelions feature radiant, yellow, sun-like flowers perched atop long, slender stems. After blooming, they transform into iconic, fluffy, white seed heads, often referred to as ‘wish flowers.’

1. Coltsfoot

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 1

Botanical Name: Tussilago farfara

Known for its vibrant, yellow, dandelion-like flowers, Coltsfoot blooms early in the year, even before its foliage appears. Its distinctive petals radiate from the center, forming a similar circular pattern to dandelions.

2. Sow Thistle


Botanical Name: Sonchus oleraceus

The Sow Thistle features bright yellow flowers from late spring to summer. Its flower heads are fluffy and consist of numerous tiny flowers on a single stem, creating the image of a classic dandelion.

3. Rough Hawkbit

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 2

Botanical Name: Leontodon hispidus

The long, slender stem supports a single flower head with numerous ray-like petals. The deeply cut leaves add to their resemblance creating an attractive sight in meadows and grasslands.

4. Meadow Hawkweed


Botanical Name: Hieracium caespitosum

Exhibiting yellow flowers that look like dandelions from late spring to midsummer, Meadow Hawkweed often blooms in clusters, creating a beautiful, bright display reminiscent of a field of dandelions.

5. Narrowleaf Hawksbeard

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 3

Botanical Name: Crepis tectorum

Its slender stems support a single flower head consisting of numerous ray-like petals that look like dandelions from certain angles. The elongated leaves, characterized by their narrow shape, create a feathery effect, enhancing the flower’s beauty.

6. Wild Lettuce

Botanical Name: Lactuca virosa

Much like dandelions, Wild Lettuce features a cluster of small, yellow flowers that look like dandelions. The fluffy, round flower heads are borne on a tall, slender stem, further adding to the confusion. The plant possesses mild sedative properties.

7. Beach Dandelion

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 4
shutterstock/Audra Brown

Botanical Name: Agoseris apargioides

The Beach Dandelion closely mimics the dandelion with its singular, yellow, sun-like flowers at the end of long, leafless stalks. Additionally, its seed head forms a white, fluffy ball similar to the dandelion’s “wish flower”.

8. Mountain Dandelion


Botanical Name: Agoseris aurantiaca

With its orange to-yellow flowers, Orange Agoseris resembles a vibrant variant of a dandelion. Its solitary, bell-shaped flowers on long, naked stems, along with the pappus—a crown of fine white hairs that form a round ball, look very much like dandelions.

9. Autumn Hawkbit

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 5

Botanical Name: Scorzoneroides autumnalis

The Autumn Hawkbit boasts bright yellow Flowers that Look like Dandelions. The flower heads, borne on slender stems, form a radiant circular pattern that transitions into white, fluffy seed heads. This further enhances their similarity.

10. Prairie False Dandelion


Botanical Name: Nothocalais cuspidata

The leafless slender stems support a single flower head adorned with numerous ray-like petals. Its fluffy, white seed head, which forms after the flowers have faded, is another classic dandelion trait. These dandelion-like flowers thrive in prairies and open grasslands.

11. Cat’s Ear

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 6

Botanical Name: Hypochaeris radicata

Cat’s Ear showcases yellow, multi-petaled flowers that strongly resemble dandelions in color and form. These flowers sit atop long, slender stems, much like dandelions. When they mature, they produce a seed head that takes on a fluffy, spherical look.

12. Chicory


Botanical Name: Cichorium intybus

Chicory flowers are blue, unlike the typical dandelion yellow, but their structure is quite similar. Each flower forms a solitary head at the tip of the stem, and the petals radiate outwards, forming a dandelion-like silhouette.

13. Groundsel

13 Flowers that Look Like Dandelions 7

Botanical Name: Senecio vulgaris

Although its yellow, clustered flowers differ from the dandelion heads, when Common Groundsel goes to seed, it forms fluffy, white seed heads. These seed heads greatly resemble those of dandelions, carrying seeds away on the breeze.

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