9 Hawaiian Purple Flowers

These Hawaiian purple flowers are the epitome of beauty and functionality that you’d want to grow in your yard!

Apart from blue skies and the salty air, these Hawaiian purple flowers are something that makes this scenic island even more beautiful!

Hawaiian Purple Flowers

1. Hawaiian Violet

Hawaiian Violet

Botanical Name: Viola chamissoniana

A common sight in Hawaii’s high-elevation forests, the Hawaiian Violet produces small yet vibrant purple flowers with white centers. Apart from their appearance, these flowers are widely used in lei-making across the island.

2. Hawaiian Lobelia

Hawaiian Lobelia

Botanical Name: Lobelia grayana

With its striking purple flowers, the Hawaiian Lobelia is a jewel of Maui and the Big Island’s cloud forests. It prefers humid, high-altitude environments and is a rarity in the wild, underlining the need for its conservation.

3. Koʻoloaʻula

Hawaiian Purple Flowers

Botanical Name: Abutilon menziesii

The Koʻoloaʻula graces the dry forests of Oahu and Molokai with its large, bell-shaped flowers deep red to purple. Adapting well to dry, rocky soils, it is somewhat endangered from the island’s natural habitat.

4. Uki Uki

Hawaiian Purple Flowers - Dianella sandwicensis

Botanical Name: Dianella sandwicensis

This perennial herb indigenous to Hawaii is valued for its elegant, sword-shaped leaves and striking purple-blue flowers. Traditionally, its durable leaves were utilized in Hawaiian weaving, blending the plant’s aesthetic appeal and practical use in local culture.

5. Pōhinahina

Vitex rotundifolia

Botanical Name: Vitex rotundifolia

Adorned with silvery-green leaves, it displays clusters of petite purple flowers, nestled atop, cradled by the uppermost leaves. Often referred to as the Beach Vitex, this robust shrub artfully spreads across the sandy Hawaiian coasts, excluding Kaho’olawe.

6. ‘Ōhi’a Lehua

Purple Flowers

Metrosideros polymorph

This iconic tree prefers volcanic soils and can adapt to various environments across the Hawaiian Islands. Plus, the purple-pink flowers also serve as a primary source of nectar for the native birds, underscoring its functionality.

7. Hawaiian Phlox

Hawaiian Flowers

Phlox hirsuta

Thriving in dry, rocky habitats, this Hawaiian native displays clusters of delicate purple flowers. With a love for full sun and well-drained soils, this plant has also been a rare sight in the land lately!

8. Nuku Iʻiwi

 Purple Flowers

Delissea rhytidosperma

Hidden in Hawaii’s moist, shady forests, the Nuku Iʻiwi quietly showcases its green foliage and small purple flowers. It’s a living symbol of hope and resilience, having bounced back from near extinction, and now stands as a guardian of the island’s lush habitats.

9. Hawaiian Bellflower

Clermontia lindseyana

Endemic to the moist forests of Hawaii, this flower flaunts tubular purple flowers that share a unique relationship with native birds who aid their pollination.

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