8 Plants that look like Corndogs

Corn dogs on wild plants—Quite unreal, right? Turns out there are actually plants that look like corndogs and you can explore them here!

While plants have this unique ability to resemble almost anything, today we have covered an interesting topic—plants that look like corndogs! Discover some best ones below!

Plants that Look Like Corndogs

1. Sweet Flag

Plants that look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Acorus calamus

A plant strutting its stuff with flower spikes that could pass for corn dogs—that’s the Sweet Flag for you. Just remember, this tall, perennial, grass-like monocot only pulls off its corn-dog look when it’s growing happily in water.

2. Southern Cattail

Plants that look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Typha domingensis

Look at the Southern Cattail, and you might do a double-take—its flowers are the spitting image of corn dogs! These plants, with their rigid, grassy leaves and snack-lookalike blooms, are a common sight in freshwater marshes, hosting small critters and providing shelter to water birds.

3. Chenille Plant

Look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Acalypha hispida

This plant is nicknamed the “red hot cattail,” and for good reason! The female chenille plant bears clusters of tiny pistillate flowers in purple and red along long catkins of around 20 centimeters that can easily pass off as some exotic, colorful corn dog variant.

4. Common Cattail

Look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Typha latifolia

If there’s a ‘Corn Dog Lookalike’, the Common Cattail would be a top contender. This marsh-dweller boasts brown, sausage-like fruits that are dead ringers for corn dogs on sticks. Break open its fluffy fruit, and you’ll find yourself amidst a cloud of seeds—it’s not just a hit with the kids, but adults find it amusing, too!

5. Hyacinth

Look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Hyacinthus

While it might not smell like your favorite fair food, its compact flower spikes do have a strong resemblance to corndogs. This bulbous flowering plant bursts into vibrant, fragrant flowers each spring.

6. Beehive Ginger

Look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Zingiber zerumbet

This unique ginger variety could easily be mistaken for a tropical take on the corndog! Its tightly stacked red-pink flower bracts, resembling beehives, add an exotic twist to the corndog comparison.

7. Foxtail Lily

Like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Eremurus robustus

With its elongated, fluffy flower spikes, the Foxtail Lily is like the fancier cousin of the corndog. These plants add an elegant yet playful touch to any landscape, making you do a double-take at their corndog-like appearance but with a sophisticated flair.

8. Narrow Leaf Cattail

Typha angustifolia - Look like Corndogs

Botanical Name: Typha angustifolia

Narrow Leaf Cattail is the sleeker version of the classic corndog-lookalike, the Common Cattail. With its thinner leaves and smaller heads, it’s like the diet version of the corndog plant!

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