22 Trees that Start with H

Each of these trees that start with H possesses certain unique features that would lure you into growing them in your yard!

If you’re a dendrophile eager to deepen your botanical expertise, exploring trees that start with ‘H’ offers a diverse palette for your study. And, if you’ve got some room to spare in your yard, consider trying out one of these great options!

Trees that Start with H

1. Horsebush

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Dendrolobium umbellatum

Native to the tropics of Asia and Australia, Horsebush stands out with clusters of bell-shaped flowers growing along its slender branches. Plus, these beautiful white blooms attract various pollinators, adding another layer of beauty to its picturesque presence.

2. Horseradish

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera

This tree earned the common name ‘Miracle Tree’ due to its nutritional prowess in combating malnutrition. Though the tree is native to the Indian subcontinent, it is now a staple in tropical climates worldwide.

3. Horse Sugar

Horse Sugar - Start with H

Botanical Name: Symplocos tinctoria

As its name suggests, Horse Sugar exudes sweetness through its ornamental white flowers that beckon pollinators. Plus, it dons oval leaves that change colors in autumn and has been valued in the dyeing industry since many years.

4. Headache Tree

Start with H

Botanical Name: Umbellularia californica):

Native to the coastal regions of California, the Headache tree stands by its name for its strong, spicy leaves that can alleviate headaches. Its durable, beautifully grained-wood also makes it a favorite for fine woodworking.

5. Hemp Tree

Start with H Trees

Botanical Name: Vitex agnus castus

Native to the Mediterranean, the Hemptree is widely loved for its fragrant purple flowers and broad, palm-shaped leaves. It serves an essential role in traditional medicine, particularly for its use in hormone regulation.

6. Hackmatack

Start with H

Botanical Name: Larix laricina

Popular as Tamarack or Hackmatack, this deciduous conifer grows in the cold, boggy areas of Canada and the northeastern United States. Its resilient wood resists rot, making it ideal for use in boat building and other outdoor applications.

7. Hazelnut

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Corylus spp.

Found across Europe, Asia, and North America, hazelnut trees are cultivated for their delicious nuts and are loved worldwide for their unique nutty flavor. Plus, their foliage runs a beautiful autumn show, adding their ornamental stature as well!

8. Heartnut

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Juglans ailantifolia

This close relative of walnut is native to Japan and boasts interesting heart-shaped nuts with a spreading canopy. Its nuts are not only edible, but the tree also serves an ornamental purpose in large gardens and parks.

9. Hercules’ Club

Zanthoxylum clava-herculis - Start with H

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

The Hercules’ Club, or Toothache Tree, is as tough as its name suggests. Found primarily in the southern United States, this tree is armed with thick, conical spines that cover its bark, making it quite formidable.

10. Hobblebush

Start with H

Botanical Name: Agarista populifolia

This understory shrub boasts broad, flat leaves and intricate white flower clusters that give it a delicate appearance against the forest’s denser greens. Also, the Hobblebush is a favorite among native birds and wildlife, which feast on its berries and find shelter in its branches.

11. Hopbush

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Dodonaea viscosa

Hopbush is a small tree, majorly known for its ability to thrive in arid, sandy conditions of Australia, Africa, and the Americas. Its papery seed capsules change from green to reddish-purple, adding year-round interest and providing seeds for the wild bird species.

12. Horsebean

Parkinsonia aculeata Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Parkinsonia aculeata

Native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, this tree adapts well to dry conditions and stands out in any landscape with bright yellow flowers that seem to glow against its airy fern-like foliage.

13. Huisache

Vachellia farnesiana Trees

Botanical Name: Vachellia farnesiana

Native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, the Huisache tree boasts bright golden-yellow, fragrant flower balls that attract bees and butterflies alike. Its dense, feathery foliage provides excellent cover for wildlife and is often used to produce natural dyes and perfumes.

14. Hornbeam

Carpinus caroliniana - Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Carpinus caroliniana

Also popular as Musclewood, it produces smooth, fluted gray bark and robust yet pliable wood, which is ideal for tool-making with its exceptional resistance to splitting. Plus, its foliage turns a fiery orange-red in autumn, making it a staple of seasonal color in cooler climates.

15. Hackberries

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Celtis spp.

Hackberries are easily recognizable by their smooth, gray bark and small, sweet fruits, which are favorites among birds. Often planted as street trees, hackberries have a commendable ability to withstand urban pollution and soil compaction.

16. Hawthorns

Crataegus spp - Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Crataegus spp.

Hawthorns are small to medium-sized trees with deep green leaves, sharp thorns, and clusters of white or pink flowers followed by vivid red berries. Native to temperate regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, they are grown as durable hedging due to their dense growth and thorny branches.

17. Hibiscus

Hibiscus spp Trees

Botanical Name: Hibiscus spp.

Some species of Hibiscus grow as small trees and are celebrated for their large, colorful flowers that can be red, pink, orange, or yellow. They are a common sight in tropical and sub-tropical gardens, and have a cultural significance in South Asian countries.

18. Hickories

Start with H

Botanical Name: Carya spp.

Native to North America and Asia, Hickories are known for their hard, dense wood and edible nuts. These trees feature compound leaves that turn a brilliant golden yellow in the fall. Plus, their wood is a suitable option for smoking meat, imparting a rich flavor to dishes.

19. Hollies

Start with H

Botanical Name: Ilex spp.

Ranging from small shrubs to large trees, Hollies are valued for their glossy, evergreen leaves and bright red berries, which persist into the winter. Often used in holiday decorations, hollies are also planted as protective hedges due to their dense growth and prickly leaves.

20. Hemlock

Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Tsuga spp.

Native to North America and parts of Asia, these majestic conifers produce fine, feathery needles and drooping branch tips. Hemlocks prefer cool, moist environments and make for fantastic privacy screens with their dense foliage growth.

21. Holoptelea

Holoptelea spp.

Botanical Name: Holoptelea spp.

Native to parts of Africa and Asia, this genus produces broad, serrated leaves and papery bark that peels easily. In addition to their medicinal prowess, these fast-growing plants are also used for forest restoration purposes.

22. Horse ChestnutAesculus hippocastanum Trees that Start with H

Botanical Name: Aesculus hippocastanum

These trees are native to the Balkans but widely planted across temperate regions of Europe and America. Boasting broad, palmate leaves and showy white flower spikes, they are a popular sign in parks and ornamental gardens.

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