24 Trees that Start with Z

Discover some majestic trees that start with Z and uncover the unique features they add to the landscapes!

If the letter Z is lucky for you, these trees can be an interesting addition to your landscape.

Trees that Start with Z

1. Zelkova Tree

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zelkova serrata

It is a deciduous tree known for its changing shape—vase-shaped when young and umbrella-like on maturity. It is a common sight in lawns and parks, valued for its attractive bark, leaf color, and vase-like shape.

2. Zigzag Tree

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Celtis laevigata var. reticulata

Justifying its name with twisted branches, the Zigzag Tree stands out with its uniquely patterned trunk, offering an interesting touch to any landscape. Plus, its fruit is highly palatable to the local birds and mammals.

3. Zebra Wood Tree

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Microberlinia brazzavillensis

Popular as Zebrano, the Zebra Wood Tree grows straight upto about 130 feet tall. Plus, its sturdy and durable wood is used in carving furniture and sporting equipment.

4. Zamang Tree

Start with Z

Botanical Name: Pithecellobium dulce

Notable for its single or multiple trunks and lush canopy, the Zamang tree also doubles as a natural remedy. Its leaves, when taken with salt, can aid digestion, though it’s advised to consume them moderately, especially for expectant mothers.

5. Ziricote Tree

Start with Z

Botanical Name: Cordia dodecandra

Renowned for its blossoms and edible fruits, the Ziricote Tree is a traditional medicinal powerhouse. Its leaves and bark are often sought for treating a range of issues from dyspepsia to diarrhea.

6. Zambezi Teak

Start with Z

Botanical Name: Baikiaea plurijuga

Hailing from southern Africa and part of the legume family, Zambezi Teak produces tough, termite-resistant wood. It’s a popular choice for construction and furniture despite being a challenge to work with.

7. Zelkova Elm

Zelkova carpinifolia - Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zelkova carpinifolia

The Zelkova Elm, or Caucasian elm, stands out with its unique goblet shape and attractive leaves. However, it’s susceptible to Dutch elm disease, a fungal infection spread by elm bark beetles, which unfortunately can’t be treated chemically.

8. Zigzag Elm

Zigzag Elm Tree

Botanical Name: Ulmus thomasii

Native to the Great Lakes region in the U.S., the Zigzag Elm is easily recognized by its corky, irregular branches. This distinct characteristic sets it apart from other trees in this ‘Z’ category.

9. Zizyphus

Ziziphus mauritiana tree

Botanical Name: Ziziphus mauritiana

A versatile tree is primarily grown for its fruit, which is consumed fresh, dried, or even turned into flour, syrup, or alcoholic drinks. The bark also serves as a dye source and offers medicinal benefits.

10. Zanthoxylum Brachyacanthum

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum brachyacanthum

Native to Asia, this tree is celebrated for its spicy leaves and aromatic berries, which are a staple in Korean cooking. Plus, historically, it’s been used as a traditional medicine for tribals.

11. Zelkova Sicula

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zelkova sicula

This rare species features small, serrated leaves and offers a unique bushy aesthetic for your garden. Its wood is highly valued for its durability, often used in crafting quality furniture.

12. Zanthoxylum Piperitum

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum piperitum

It is valued for its spicy berries, which go really well with meat dishes. Plus, its leaves are brewed in traditional herbal teas loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.

13. Zanthoxylum Simulans

Zanthoxylum simulans - Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum simulans

Popular as Chinese Prickly Ash, this plant is widely loved for its fragrant bark and seeds, a staple in Chinese cooking. Its fruits are celebrated not just for flavor but also for their believed anti-inflammatory benefits.

14. Zelkova Abelicea

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zelkova abelicea

From the heart of the Mediterranean, the Zelkova Abelicea boasts sleek, glossy leaves and an elegantly shaped canopy. It’s not just a beauty to behold; its wood is highly sought after by local craftspeople.

15. Zanthoxylum Americanum

Zanthoxylum americanum

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum americanum

Also known as the “Toothache Tree,” this North American native is famous for its uniquely fragrant leaves and spiky bark, often used in traditional remedies. Its distinctive look makes it a natural choice for attracting butterflies.

16. Ziziphus Jujuba

Trees with Z

Botanical Name: Ziziphus jujuba

Originating from China, the Ziziphus Jujuba is a small, fruitful tree, celebrated for its nutritional fruit. In addition to its culinary uses, it’s said to bring good luck when planted near a home, as per Chinese folklore.

17. Zelkova Carpinifolia

 with Z

Botanical Name: Zelkova carpinifolia

Native to Western Asia, the Zelkova Carpinifolia is valued in urban settings for its pest-resistant, serrated leaves, and large canopy, providing generous shade in parks and along streets.

18. Ziziphus Budhensis

Trees that Start with Z

Botanical Name: Ziziphus budhensis

A survivor of arid regions, this tree is known for its small, robust form and sweet, date-like fruits. Its blooms are a magnet for bees and butterflies, adding a delightful fragrance to any landscape.

19. Zelkova Serrata

Zelkova Serrata Start with Z

Botanical Name: Zelkova serrata

Zelkova Serrata stands out in gardens with its vase-like shape and leaves that blaze into a stunning red come fall. It’s an excellent choice for adding both ornamental beauty and shade to urban gardens.

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20. Zanthoxylum Acanthopodium

Start with Z - Zanthoxylum acanthopodium

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum acanthopodium

This spiny, evergreen tree with aromatic leaves has earned a place in Indonesian cuisine. Its spines are not only a defense mechanism against herbivores but are also used in traditional Asian medicine.

21. Ziziphus Lotus

A solitary Ziziphus Lotus tree

Botanical Name: Ziziphus lotus

The small, sweet fruits and drought-resistant qualities of Ziziphus Lotus make it a unique asset in arid landscapes. Plus, its wood is also used for crafting traditional musical instruments.

22. Ziziphus Mauritiana

Ziziphus Mauritiana tree stands tall in a park

Botanical Name: Ziziphus mauritiana

Also known as Indian Jujube, this small deciduous tree is popular for its sweet and edible fruits. Plus, it is considered a symbol of fertility in some cultures and is often planted near homes to bring blessings of abundance.

23. Zanthoxylum Clava-Herculis

tree stands tall in a park

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum clava-Herculis

The citrus-scented bark and leaves are used in herbal medicine. The tree’s common name, “Hercules’ Club,” is derived from its thick, club-like branches, which were historically used as walking sticks.

24. Ziziphus Spina-Christi

tree stands tall in a park

Botanical Name: Ziziphus spina-Christi

Ziziphus Spina-Christi is another drought-resistant tree native to the Middle East and Africa. In Middle Eastern cultures, its leaves are used to brew a traditional tea that improves health and well-being.

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