Gardening Guide


15 Green Vegetables You Can Start Indoors This Summer


Is the sun getting way too harsh in your garden? We have listed some easy-growing green vegetables you can start …

GardenING Ideas

Garden Ideas

23 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas


These DIY indoor herb garden ideas are not just rewarding but offer super easy ways …

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Growing Houseplants

8 Fragrant Jasmine Varieties You Can Grow Indoors


These fragrant jasmine varieties emit the most delightful scent as long as they receive ample …

White Princess Philodendron Care And Growing Guide


Learn the secrets to keeping your indoor White Princess Philodendron everlasting with this comprehensive care …

Codonanthe Devosiana Care And Growing Guide


Learn everything about growing Codonanthe Devosiana in simple steps and liven your home with its …

How to Grow Clusia Plants Indoors | Autograph Plant Care Guide


Bring home the bold and beautiful Clusia Plant with this informative Autograph Plant Care Guide! …

Hoya Caudata Sumatra Care and Growing Guide


Wondering how to flourish hoya variety to perfection? Let’s decode the steps with Hoya Caudata …

Growing Red Anderson Philodendron Indoors | Philodendron Anderson Red Care Guide


Treasured for the variegated glossy foliage, Red Anderson Philodendron will leave an elite impression on …

Boobie Cactus Care Guide


Want to keep your boobie cactus in top shape but don’t know how? Check out …

Philodendron sp. Colombia Care Guide


Liven your living room with the rare and elegant Philodendron sp. Colombia. Here’s an extensive …

Teddy Bear Vine Care Guide


Check out this Teddy Bear Vine Care Guide and learn everything about growing this trailing …

How to Grow Travelers Palm Indoor | Ravenala madagascariensis


Want to grow Ravenala madagascariensis for its statement-making long, banana-like leaves? Check out this Travelers …

Indoor DIYs

10 Mail Box Trellis Ideas

These unique Mailbox trellis ideas will surely attract eyes from all across your street! It’s …

20 Pothos in Jars Ideas

Pothos in jars not only look beautiful but are a fantastic way to track its …